QSC confirms three new distributors

Tuesday, 18 September 2007
QSC confirms three new distributorsShawn Watts, QSC's European Sales Manager welcomes Shure GmbH as the company's new German distributor. L-R: Watts, with Markus Winkler, MD, and Bernd Friedel, Shure director of sales and marketing.
UK -QSC Audio announced the appointment of three new territorial distributors - covering Germany, HUngary and Thailand - during a press conference at PLASA 07.

Shure Distribution GmbH is QSC's new distributor in Germany. Greg McLagan, vice president global sales at QSC Audio, commented, "We were looking for a partner sharing our passion for sound and performance, being dedicated to QSC and our products. We are very happy having found exactly this partner in Shure Distribution."

Shure Distribution's newly-appointed product manager for QSC, Marcus Bäumler, responded: "We see the complete line of products as having huge potential in the German market. Over the years QSC has put together a very competitive portfolio of products, all of which have a convincing set of features and strong benefits for customers and users in Germany."

QSC Audio has appointed Interton Electroacoustics as its new distributor in Hungary. The new agreement took effect from August 2007. "We discovered QSC products in 2000 on a large-scale project, but were not in direct connection with the company until much later," notes the company's managing director, Géza Balogh.

QSC will join an eminent roster of pro audio brands in the Budapest-based Interton portfolio, and Géza Balogh is confident that as his company broadens its retail network so the customer base will open up to QSC. "The Hungarian market doesn't know what it's been missing, and I am really proud that we have been able to introduce such a unique and outstanding company into this territory."

In Thailand, QSC Audio has appointed Bangkok-based Digitcontrol as its new distributor. "QSC already has a very good reputation in Thailand for its amplifiers, and having tested the loudspeakers we are very impressed with their performance," said Digitcontrol's Aswin Siriboonyarit. "We are convinced that we can make the QSC name as formidable in speaker technology and digital networking as it is in power amps."(Jim Evans)

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