Rane launches DSP programmable multiprocessors

Friday, 31 May 2002
Rane launches DSP programmable multiprocessorsFront panel of the Rane RPM88.
Rane has launched a new range of DSP multi-processor units, available in the UK from exclusive distributor Hayden Laboratories. The first of this family of devices, the RPM 88, offers any combination of mixers, switchers, crossovers, limiters, compressors, EQ, delays, VCA, etc. in an incredibly easy to use unit. The unit is faster and more cost-effective than many comparable products, and is suitable for a wide range of exhibition, conference, leisure and retail applications, including loudspeaker processing and management, audio system mixing, routing, equalisation and management and for paging control and teleconferencing.

Rane’s Drag Net software provides complete flexibility of the signal flow configuration. All the RPM’s parameters are software-controlled, with no rear panel switches! RPM units include drag and drop configurable DSP Box with up to 10 audio in/out channels, plus practical control ports. A 10 base-T Ethernet control port offers central control of the multiple devices on a network whilst situated at different locations. Continuous LED front panel metering for all channels in and out enables the user to see what’s going on clearly and immediately.

It offers an RS485 port plus AMX and Crestron control, with optional Smart remotes-SR2 and SR3, plus cutting-edge high-speed DSP devices offering 400 MiPs of processing speed. The versatile logic input ports offer multiple remote control options using 0-5v DC control for volume controls, muting, switching or preset changes for room combining. The output ports can drive LEDs, or relays that in turn control external equipment ports to change, mute speakers, set a warning light, close the curtains or dim the lights.

The 24-bit converters have a greater than 106 dB throughput of dynamic range and a double precision 48-bit internal DSP for a low noise floor, extremely transparent sound. Eight Mic/line analogue inputs, studio-grade mic preamps and 48v phantom power produce clean sound in the most hostile of environments. There’s also eight analogue balanced line drive outputs for difficult and long cable runs and a digital AES3 Stereo input and output, which is ideal for linking with other RPM units driving Rane’s RPM26i processor and for interfacing with Cobranet converters. Preset-settings can be stored in 24 internal non-volatile memories. The RPM88 is available now, and the RPM 44 and 22 models will ship in the late summer.

(Lee Baldock)

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