Robe enters new dimension in Space

Thursday, 18 October 2012
Robe enters new dimension in SpaceLumpy maximised the MMX's dual animation wheel
Spain - Renowned DJ and electronic music experimentalist Richie Hawtin's first solo residency on Ibiza saw his successful ENTER. concept take over Thursday nights at the award-winning 7000 capacity Space venue in Playa d'en Bossa, and run for a super-hot 12 week season.

Integral to the whole ENTER. phenomena - four rooms fusing the principals of music, sake, technology and experience all curated by Hawtin - was a visual and lighting design by Matthias 'Lumpy' Vollrath from, who has worked with the artist (aka Plastikman) since 2008 in cooperation with Rebeca Sanchez from LEDsControl.

Lumpy included four Robe MMX Spots in the lighting rig which were used specifically to throw patterns and effects onto two prominent dance podiums flanking the stage in the main area. They were the main focus on the side of the stage and a substitute for any video projection.

This room's visual idea was based around 'dots'. Eleven different sized white scenic dots were flown in the ceiling and illuminated throughout the night.

The two dance podiums were internally lit with LEDs and externally treated by the MMXs, which were flown on trusses over the auditorium.

Lumpy maximised the MMX's dual animation wheel, with a host of unique, different and interesting gobos and effects appearing on the front of the podiums, morphing between patterns in beautifully flowing animations and molten 3D texturing.

Lumpy and his business partner in, Tobias Deuring, have a reputation for design creativity and innovation in their work, and have been using different Robe products for some time. They also work consistently with most of the major production and rental houses in Germany.

For ENTER, the lighting equipment was primarily supplied by the venue with special support from Robe's German distributor LMP to source the MMXs. Lighting was operated using an MA onPC Wing and a laptop running grandMA onPC.

(Jim Evans)

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