Robe LEDBeam 100s enter battle

Friday, 28 September 2012
Robe LEDBeam 100s enter battleThe finale of the Red Bull Beat battle competition
South Africa - Johannesburg- based rental company AV Unlimited supplied full technical production to show producers VWV for the finale of the recent Red Bull Beat battle competition.

This was staged at the Bassline, downtown Johannesburg's hottest live music venue, right in the heart of the City's buzzing Newtown district, with eight top dance crews battling it out for the title, and Robe LEDBeam 100s providing a perfect lightweight lighting effects solution.

Several challenges faced the technical production. One was a very low weight loading in the venue's roof - and another was delivering the high show production values demanded by one of the world's leading brands - in a relatively tight space.

Robe's new Robin 100 LEDBeams were a complete winner with their ultra light weight, power, intensity and wide array of eye-catching effects.

AV Unlimited's technical production manager and lighting designer Victor Vermaak reports that initially the venue would not let them fly any lights off of their roof beams as they don't have a definitive weight loading.

However, when they felt the miniscule 4.4 Kgs of the Robe LEDBeam 100 - they gave the go-ahead for the fixtures to be installed.

Twenty four LEDBeam 100s - newly purchased by AV Unlimited were rigged directly to the Bassline's roof pipes, right above the stage and dancefloor in exactly the positions needed to perform for the show.

(Jim Evans)

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