Robe MMX Logic in Russia

Tuesday, 25 October 2011
Robe MMX Logic in RussiaLight Logic has invested in Robe's new MMX Spot moving light fixtures
Russia - Fast growing Moscow- based lighting design and rental company Light Logic has invested in its first batch of Robe's new MMX Spot moving light fixtures.

MMX was launched this year and has already been a massive success for Robe, with over 1500 units sold and orders being received and processed daily by the factory in the Czech Republic. The units were supplied to Light Logic by Russian distributor Sofitlight, after being specified by Light Logic's primary designer Dmitry Velikanov and technical director Ivan Nassonov.

The deal was co-ordinated for Robe by Russia/CIS regional sales manager Boris Krylov and for Sofitlight by general director, Arkady Shakhidjanoz

Light Logic was also the first Russian rental company to invest in Robe's fastest ever selling product, the Robin 600 LEDWash earlier in 2011, of which they now have about 75. The company works in all sectors of the industry - supplying creative concepts, equipment and crew to corporate presentations, live concerts and events and theatre and television productions. Their consistently busy ongoing work schedule necessitated purchasing the MMX Spots.

Boris Krylov comments, "We are really happy to have Light Logic amongst our rental partners in Moscow. They are bringing the most innovative products to the market and allowing Robe to be introduced across Russia as well as tested thoroughly in the most demanding environment of television."

(Jim Evans)

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