Robe MMX Spots dance with the stars

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

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Israel - Television lighting designer Ofer Jacobi specified Robe Robin MMX Spots together with LEDWash 1200 and 600s for the latest series of Dancing With The Stars, Israel's version of BBC Worldwide's massively successful Strictly Come Dancing now in its seventh series..

Jacobi has lit all seven editions of the show to date, and each one has featured Robe moving lights.

However this was the first time that any of his lighting designs have included MMX Spots and Robin 1200 LEDWashes - all of which are supplied by Danor Rental.

Dancing With The Stars is recorded in Studio 1 of the GG Studio Complex in Jerusalem, the country's largest TV production facility.

The set is designed by Avi Fahima, with the basic elements styled on the original classic BBC version, with a new video theme added for this Israeli series, consisting of scenic LED panels running around all of the set and audience seating. There is also a large LED screen upstage of the band position at one end of the dancefloor.

The 96sq.m dancefloor is the heart of the action, and is surrounded by a live audience of about 300.

This year Jacobi wanted to completely reinvent the set lighting, and having the new MMX Spots on board was a key to his creative vision - in terms of enabling him to produce complex and spectacular animations on the dancefloor - one of many effects that the MMX was designed to deliver.

There are also 12 LEDWash 1200s overhead, which are used to flood the dancefloor with multicolour washes together with four LEDWash 600s, plus some other beam moving lights and a selection of generics.

All the lighting is controlled by Yaron Shoosh using a Compulite Vector Red console.

The show is broadcast live on Thursdays and Saturdays on Channel 2. It is directed by Benni Carmelay and produced by Gil Productions.

(Jim Evans)

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