RSG & Concert Sound Clair support InMe tour

Friday, 1 June 2012
RSG & Concert Sound Clair support InMe tourFOH engineer for the tour, Simon Baxter, chose the M-480 and S-1608s for the tour
UK - The Roland M-480 48 Channel Live Digital Mixing Console and S-1608 Digital Snakes have been touring the UK and Ireland with alternative metal band InMe in a full on schedule which has seen the band performing 35 dates in as many days at different venues during February and March.

FOH engineer for the tour, Simon Baxter, chose the M-480 and S-1608's for the tour as they provide a powerful and feature packed system with a small footprint which could be moved easily from venue to venue. The tour was supported by live sound touring company Concert Sound Clair, who provided all of the necessary mic's, choosing a selection of Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Audix and Beyer for the job. Concert Sound Clair also supplied the stagepatch, using VEAM cable and stage boxes.

The set up for InMe was straightforward, with two guitars, bass and three vocals and after seeing the M-480 demonstrated by Paul Nicholson at Red Square Audio, Baxter knew it had everything he needed for the job - and more.

The friendly and intuitive interface of the M-480 made it easy for the engineers from supporting bands to walk straight up and start using the desk which proved extremely useful due to the tight soundcheck window given to the support bands. Similarly, house engineers for local bands were also able to use the M-480 with little guidance from Baxter. "It was a three band tour and after just 10 minutes using the M-480 the other engineers were already repatching channels and layers and confident in using the desk' commented Simon, ' I stood by and watched but didn't need to step in at any time."

The compact and portable S-1608 16 x 8 stage units gave Baxter the flexibility he needed to configure setups for different venues and performances.

(Jim Evans)

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