RTS/Telex extends training to Eastern Europe

Tuesday, 22 September 2009
RTS/Telex extends training to Eastern Europe
Germany - RTS/Telex is intensifying its programme of system training. After seminars in Western Europe and the Middle East, the broadcasting and intercom specialists are broadening their focus to include practical seminars in Eastern Europe.

"Our training and educational activities are pillars of our strategy for achieving greater market penetration for RTS/Telex products," says Kamil Swobodzinski, sales director RTS/Telex EMEA. "For this reason, we are intensifying our international activities and expanding our educational programme to ensure that not only product but also system expertise is conveyed."

In Russia, the manufacturer of intercom systems is relying on a comprehensive transfer of expertise. Shortly before the IBC in Amsterdam, RTS/Telex organized a set of seminars as a means of sharing know-how with Russian dealers. "In terms of area, Russia is vast - the largest country in the world - so the reliability of data transmission there is of elemental importance," points out Nico Lewis, senior sales manager RTS/Telex Western Europe.

The product and system training course took place in August at the Moscow headquarters of Dealer Center and was attended by over 30 Russian dealers. The RTS/Telex team, consisting of sales and system engineering specialists, covered a wide variety of products, including TW Party Line, Matrix (digital intercom matrix), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Radiocom (wireless intercom) systems as well as headsets and software. The practical emphasis of the course and its ambitious nature were underlined by one of its stated goals: that every participant should be able at the end of the course not only to design an intercom system but also to implement that design.

Natalia Petrukhina of Dealer Center was responsible for the organisation of the seminars. They were the first, in fact, ever conducted at the firm's Moscow headquarters and went well, she says. "The highly complex material was presented in a clearly structured way, with the emphasis less upon theory than practice. What particularly pleased the dealers was that they were getting the information first hand, from those who knew the products and the technology best."

(Jim Evans)

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