Rubber Box products in action for Sochi 2014

Wednesday, 28 May 2014
Rubber Box products in action for Sochi 2014
Russia - As sporting events go, they don't really get much bigger than the Olympics. So this year, Rubber Box was proud to have a range of its products being used at Sochi 2014, for the Winter Olympic Games.

Rubber Box was asked to provide a variety of its bespoke power distros to Delta Sound - the pro audio company behind the impressive sound at both the opening and closing ceremonies of Sochi. Paul Bates, General Manager of Rubber Box, comments: "Having worked with sound giants Delta before, we knew how important it was to provide solutions that were robust and reliable, helping them to get on with the job they do best."

NBC studios also used Rubber Box equipment to help them broadcast from the games. Having discussed their requirements at length, Rubber Box supplied NBC with a variety of bespoke power distros which met their needs.

"The Olympics aren't the only large scale event we've been lucky enough to have been involved in. Rubber Box power distros have also helped power sporting events, such as Formula 1, World Superbikes, MotoGP, and the Commonwealth games," says the company.

"Our distros have also been used successfully in more heavy duty industrial sectors. We've provided portable power distribution to help maintain large structure offshore oil and gas platforms, national and international military sectors, and much more. In fact, our portable power distribution came in very handy up on Mount Everest too! Our power distros were used by NBC once again, as they covered a story about climbers leaving their rubbish - such as oxygen tanks and tents - up on Everest, following the winter games."

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