SAE Amsterdam upgrades to ASP8024

Friday, 21 September 2012
SAE Amsterdam upgrades to ASP8024The Audient ASP8024 at SAE Amsterdam
The Netherlands SAE Institute in Amsterdam has upgraded one of its studios with an Audient ASP8024 console.

The purchase of the 36 channel, large format console with producers desk has certainly proved popular with the head of the Audio Department, Bruce Gibb. "The desk is an absolute treat," he says, describing how it facilitates the way his students start to grasp the principles and practice of audio engineering, thanks to "...the console's user friendly and flexible interface."

Before being granted access to individual studios, audio engineering students are given tutoring sessions hosted by the SAE Institute lecturing team, boosting their confidence in signal flow and introducing them to how the console works. Then it's time for the console to really come into its own.

"With individual studio time, students get to enjoy the ASP8024 for recording and mixing bands and other audio projects, in combination with an Avid Pro-Tools system and a variety of outboard equipment and plug-ins," explains Gibb.

The arrival of the new ASP8024 at SAE Amsterdam is the subject of excitement for students and teachers alike. A quick peek through the studio's glass door often reveals a group of eager engineers experimenting with their "awesome new desk", as referred to by an SAE student.

As part of its ongoing equipment expansion, the Amsterdam establishment has grown to 1200sq.m of learning space over the 21 years since it opened its doors.

(Jim Evans)

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