Sam Roberts rocks with Innovason

Tuesday, 16 December 2008
Sam Roberts rocks with Innovason
Canada - Following the Number One debut of their latest album in the Canadian album charts, Indie rockers, the Sam Roberts Band is currently on tour throughout Canada with Love at the end of the world. At the heart of the show is a full panoply of Innjovasaon digital mixing consoles; an Sy80 supplied by Metalworks Production Group in Toronto presides at FoH manned by engineer, Phil Hornung, whilst monitor engineer and tour manager, Denton Fraser, is at the helm of an Sy48.

Phil Hornung comments: "I think these desks sound better than a lot of the digital products on the market. I find the desk extremely easy to operate, and I don't have to pay a lot of attention to it during the show itself, which lets me pay attention to the mix instead of worrying about what's on the screen. In fact, we often offer it to opening bands to use instead of using a second console. The engineers have all been very comfortable using the console after just a quick 5-minute lesson from me."

(Jim Evans)

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