Sennheiser UK to distribute Avalon

Thursday, 21 June 2012
Sennheiser UK to distribute AvalonAvalon processors are a familiar sight in the racks of front of house engineers
UK - Sennheiser UK has announced that, from 1 June 2012, it will be the official distributor for Avalon Design products in the UK and Ireland.

Used in many of the world's top recording studios, Avalon products include rackmount pre-amplifiers, channel strips, equalisers, compressors and DIs, employing pure Class A circuits to deliver detailed analogue sound.

As well as featuring on albums by some of the world's leading artists, the distinctive silver front panels and oval Vu meters of Avalon processors are a familiar sight in the racks of front of house engineers, adding a high quality touch of analogue warmth to both vocals and instruments for a wide range of touring acts.

"Avalon and Sennheiser share a common vision in striving to be the benchmark for audio excellence," says Paul Nunnington, Sennheiser UK product manager. "Avalon preamps in particular are the perfect match for Sennheiser's industry-leading microphones. The new partnership will not only benefit both of our companies, but also end users in the UK and Ireland."

"Avalon's design features, highest quality components and continued pursuit of sonic excellence assures the most harmonious musical signal transfer available today," says Avalon Design president, Wynton R. Morro. "We look forward to working closely with Sennheiser UK to provide live and recording engineers with the very best in audio quality."

(Jim Evans)

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