Shure expands Beta Range

Wednesday, 22 December 2010
Shure expands Beta RangeThe Beta-181C is among the latest additions to Shure's Beta range
UK - The latest additions to Shure's renowned Beta range of microphones have now arrived in the UK. The new models include the Beta 181, a side-address condenser mic with a unique 'lollipop' design and interchangeable heads; the Beta 98AMP/C, a miniature cardioid drum mic with integrated preamp, and the Beta 91A, a boundary mic which Shure says is "heavily influenced in sound reproduction by the legendary SM91".

Having recently used a Beta 181 prototype, prominent FOH engineer Roger Lindsay commented: "In many applications where a large diaphragm side-address condenser might be a desirable, but impractical choice for live music, the Beta 181 offers a fresh solution. A full, rich, well-defined sound in a microphone that goes where many others can't. Impeccable performance in a neat versatile package."

The Beta 181 with its characteristic lollipop-design is suited for a huge variety of acoustic and amplified instruments. Offering interchangeable capsules for different polar patterns the user can choose between cardioid, supercardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional.

During his career Roger Lindsay has mixed FOH for a wide variety of artists, from James Taylor to Prince and Van Morisson. He is currently working with classic rock band, The Pretenders. "While trying the new Beta 98A prototypes on the last US tour, I was delighted to discover that Shure has managed to retain the essential character of the original SM98, which became a benchmark for all drum mics, while also using the latest advances in design and technology to further improve a much loved model."

The miniature cardioid Beta 98A/C is precision-engineered and provides a warm, natural sound. The Beta 98AD/C incorporates a flexible gooseneck mount allowing for accurate placement on toms, snares and percussion instruments and the Beta 98AMP has an integrated preamplifier.

The boundary microphone Beta 91A is a half cardioid microphone tailored for a strong low-end response. It has a two-position contour switch for optimised sound signature depending on application.

(Lee Baldock)

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