Slipknot tour US with Robe

Tuesday, 21 June 2005
Slipknot tour US with Robe
USA - Slipknot - one of the most visually theatrical and bizarre speed metal acts today - used Robe Colour Spot 1200 ATs to great effect on their Subliminal Verses tour as specified by lighting designer Jason Cain.

It was the first time that Cain has used Robe fixtures - but it certainly won't be the last he asserts, stating that next time he intends to use lots more Robe's on the rig! Gemini Stage Lighting of Dallas, Texas Lighting supplied equipment for the recently concluded two month US tour.

Cain used the ColorSpot 1200s for stunning beam and colour effects. "I like the brightness, strobe rate, pan/tilt and the gobo selection" says Cain, noting that you get the standard range of gobos plus ten additionals - all of which are inventive and different. He also likes the colour mixing properties and reckons that the 1200s are far brighter than similar comparable moving light brands.

The ColorSpot 1200 is the most powerful hard edge light in the current Robe AT series. Cain's crew members also liked the fixtures which proved themselves highly reliable and robustly built. "They did well over the two month tour," says show technician John Johnson, "we had no real hardware issues, the lamps are bright and they ride well in the (Xtreme) trussing." Lighting electrician Dennis Waite added: "The multi-position pan/tilt locks are good and the overall solidity of the fixture is great. I certainly prefer them to other similar competitive products."

Slipknot will be playing selected dates in Europe and will be returning to tour the US again in the autumn.

(Sarah Rushton-Read)

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