Sound Division in Hoxton

Wednesday, 1 June 2005
Sound Division in Hoxton
UK - Sound Division has installed audio systems for the newly-opened Nuevo Latino themed Cube & Star restaurant in Hoxton Square, London. The venue is run by Mark Turner who also operates Malecon in Dubai.

The three-zone system at Cube & Star has been designed to showcase the music from contemporary Latin jazz musicians, brought over from Cuba, and lounge DJ's from across Europe.

"The right music is fundamental in setting the scene when you're having dinner and drinking a Mojito," says Turner, who will present a crossover of genres - from salsa to Brazilian samba and Cuban son, in an Oceans 12-style soundtrack pastiche, delivered from multiplay CD and computer.

Sound Division provided a DJ input point (and customised DJ booth) and used the dbx ZonePro 1261 - a 10 x 6 Digital Zone Processor - to store different gain setting feeds, which are routed to JBL Control 28 loudspeakers in the front and rear restaurant areas (reinforced with a JBL SB210 sub) and a smaller room at the rear which functions as a cigar lounge.

The new restaurant was designed by Italian architect Leopold Vezzoni, and a second phase - a basement level lounge and private club - is scheduled for the Autumn. Said Sound Division managing director David Graham, "As a result of this installation we now have around six premium sites in Shoreditch."

(Jim Evans)

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