Soundcraft on the road with Newton Faulkner

Wednesday, 20 June 2012
Soundcraft on the road with Newton FaulknerSam Simon-Norris, technical sales at LMC Audio; Newton Faulkner, and Patrick Hannan, TM & FOH engineer for Newton Faulkner at the Scala, London
UK - Technical manager at NBF Productions and FOH engineer for Newton Faulkner, Patrick Hannan, has recently invested in a Soundcraft Si Compact 24 digital mixing console, supplied by LMC Audio.

Hannan is using the Si Compact on Faulkner's current tour of the UK and Ireland, and it's already proved a success in terms of set-up speed and efficiency. "Before we had the Si Compact 24, we were hiring a 16-channel digital console on a rolling basis, or turning up to shows to work with whatever the venue had available", explains Hannan. "With the Si Compact 24, our set-up is far more self-contained, giving us much better control, meaning we can get going almost immediately. In addition, the 24 gives us two layers rather than one which means we don't risk 'maxing-out' on our channel count, plus we get EQ on all channels, 14 aux buses and a host of Lexicon effects. It's been a real innovation."

Hannan researched compact digital console options before making the decision to purchase, and came across the Soundcraft Si Compact online. He comments, "I was impressed with the value of the Compact 24, considering the excellent quality and reputation of Soundcraft consoles. I'm reassured by the high build quality and intuitive logic that comes as standard with their consoles; for instance, if I arrive at a festival and I see a Vi6 there, then I'm happy."

Having received good customer service during his last visit to the London branch, Hannan went to LMC for a quotation. "I came to LMC as I'd previously bought some second hand XTA active splits from them and had a good experience with the purchase. When I enquired about Si Compact, Sam Simon-Norris, (Technical Sales, LMC London) was really helpful, and he was able to deliver a good price."

(Jim Evans)

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