Soundcraft stresses compact footprint at PLASA 07

Tuesday, 14 August 2007
Soundcraft stresses compact footprint at PLASA 07Three new multi-purpose mixers from Soundcraft will be on show at PLASA 07.
UK - Soundcraft will be emphasising the compact footprint of its range of mixers at PLASA 2007, displaying a selection of its multipurpose consoles ranging from the flagship Vi Series of digital desks to a trio of new effects mixers featuring on-board Lexicon processing.

The Soundcraft Vi Series of digital live sound consoles has lately been extended with the new Soundcraft Vi4 model, offering all the functionality and facilities of the Soundcraft Vi6, but in a smaller, more compact footprint better suited for space-conscious applications such as theatres, houses of worship, and venues or clubs with space-limited mix positions.

In just under 1.5m/5 feet, the Soundcraft Vi4 offers access to 48 inputs on 24 faders, with a total of 27 output busses available for use as masters, groups, auxes or matrices. All other features of the Soundcraft Vi6, such as the Vistonics II touch-screen user interface, Soundcraft FaderGlow fader function display and the audio quality are inherited by the Soundcraft Vi4.

Also available on the Soundcraft Vi4 is the new Processing Card, which adds eight powerful assignable Lexicon Effects sections, together with 30-band BSS Audio graphic equalisers available on every output.

Three new compact multi-purpose mixers are on show; the EFX, MFX and FX16ii are also empowered with a built-in 24-bit Lexicon effects processing section. The EFX, available in 8 and 12 mono input channel configurations, and the 8, 12 and 20 mono input MFX mixers are designed for live sound applications including fixed install, houses of worship and portable PA.

(Jim Evans)

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