South West Audio use D.A.S. for Virgin Mobile

Friday, 21 May 2004
South West Audio use D.A.S. for Virgin Mobile
UK - Bristol-based South West Audio recently completed the 'Evolve' conference for Virgin Mobile using a D.A.S. line array. The conference was held at an IMAX Theatre in Bristol, as the client wanted to use one of Europe's biggest screens and also because the high quality of the IMAX sound.

At the initial technical rehearsal, using the standard Imax Sound system, the client informed South West Audio that they wanted the sound louder, to the point of being almost uncomfortable, but without hotspots and without flying, and with a set-up time of only two hours. Mike Taylor, production manager for South West Audio, explained their solution: "With a clear brief from the client, and with limited time, we decided to put in the active D.A.S. line array system. The system was set-up easily by only two people within the time allowed and, as soon as we powered up, it was clear that the client was as over the moon as the sound engineer. Even with the speakers behind the presenters, and having to deal with 350 people in a raked seat environment, the D.A.S. could have blown the back wall out. The vocal presence was second to none. For this type of event and venue the DAS system is simply fantastic."

The system used by South West Audio is a fully active small line array comprising eight D.A.S. CA28A cabinets and four D.A.S. CA215A, supplied by the DAS distributor, Sennheiser UK.

(Lee Baldock)

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