Stampede and Lumina Motion for 3D Nokia launch

Wednesday, 25 April 2012
Stampede and Lumina Motion for 3D Nokia launch
Chile - Stampede Presentation Products, Inc. recently helped Lumina Motion construct a stunning 10,000sq.ft video display on the facade of a round building in Santiago, Chile by providing the ideal equipment and precise development insight needed.

The AV team at Lumina Motion was tasked with creating an exciting and memorable product launch for Nokia's new Lumia 800 smartphone, and succeeded by working with Stampede to utilize "the best technology, share industry know-how and ensure patient attention to every technical detail".

According to Lumina Motion owner Gonzalo de la Barra: "We at Lumina Motion know that when you're producing a live event, everything has to be perfect. Stampede knows this too, which is why they recommended the eight Christie Full HD projectors and Geffen Fiber Optic cables to produce over 10,000 square feet of HD video display with precision timing between all eight projectors. We don't have the luxury of second chances, so having a reliable and knowledgeable equipment provider is important, and Stampede helps us deliver the first time, every time.

"With the help of Stampede's knowledgeable sales staff and incredible selection of gear, we are consistently able to deliver beyond our clients' expectations. Stampede actually helps us better understand this rapidly evolving market by sending us the latest product info, making recommendations, providing quotes quickly and delivering products in record time. We always want to get the best deal, and they are always very helpful regarding purchasing decisions and meeting ourprice expectations."

Indeed, the project proved a great success. The Lumina Motion staff executed this highly complex 3D video mapping project after countless hours of testing. They painstakingly blended the 8 video signals together by hand with geometrical correction, covered the building's glass fa├žade with a special adhesive to make it a viable projection surface, guaranteed accurate power and data relay and timing, and accounted for all variables including ambient light and local construction.

"Our presence in Latin, Central and South America is nearly as strong as our presence in North America," said Stampede CEO Mark Wilkins. "And our ability to provide informed engineering, design and tactical assistance on projects like this is second to none. We're proud to have been able to work so closely with such a skilled audiovisual experience provider as Lumina Motion, and we look forward to playing a major role in their long term success."

The 3D mapping projection setup included eight Christie DHD800 FULL HD projectors connected through Geffen's HDTV DVI-D Fiber Optic Cables for maximum image quality, reliability and precision timing. Kramer Digital Switchers were utilized for video signal backup.

According to Mario Riveros, territory manager, International Sales at Stampede: "The Stampede team has all the knowledge and tools necessary to help our partners make the right purchasing decisions and ensure success on every job. We work hard to keep them informed of new technologies that can impact their business, and then help create the perfect product configurations to meet their clients' needs. By developing close relationships with our partners, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to all requests and we strive to provide solutions that are timely, cost effective and most importantly, the ideal solution for each particular job."

(Claire Beeson)

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