Subaru launches Impreza in NY in 3D

Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Subaru launches Impreza in NY in 3DSubaru of America launched its all-new fourth-generation 2012 Impreza models in 3D
USA - Subaru of America launched its all-new fourth-generation 2012 Impreza models in 3D using 3D R4 LED Display as the medium.

The glitz and glamour were centred in the middle of Manhattan at the Jacob Javits Center from 22 April 2011 to 1 May at New York Auto Show, the last car show of the season.

This is the first time that 3D LED Display technology has been customised for automotive events, in this case specifically for the company's media conference. During the show, members of the international automotive media went along for the ride with 3D glasses, to watch a video presentation demonstrating the diverse, active lifestyles of Subaru owners, who are heralded as the most active consumers in the automobile market.

Earlier this year, Creative Technology introduced 3D R4 LED Display to their clients, with impressive results.

Subaru of America Inc. agreed to create a 3D show using 3D R4 display panels from JM Rental for the New York Auto Show. More than seven minutes of 3D presentation ran during the Subaru media conference, and caught the attention of the media and automotive attendees.

JM Rental's 3D R4 Display uses Circular Polarization Technology and is designed for exhibitions and other high ambient light environments. The panels feature a custom-designed polarizing filter applied to the front surface of each LED module, which benefits the user as it can be viewed by using cost-effective 3D glasses.

"This is a challenging step in the audio-visual production industry," says Kenneth Yip, managing director of JM Rental. "This show is a very important launch pad. As you can see, this is not just only a car show trend-setter. It also indicates that there is still a lot of room left for 3D creative concepts. I believe we will see bright and interesting future for our 3D R4 LED Display."

(Jim Evans)

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