Supernova Blade cuts it at CEDIA Expo

Tuesday, 18 September 2012
Supernova Blade cuts it at CEDIA ExpoThe new Supernova Blade in action at CEDIA Expo
USA - Held this year in Indianapolis, CEDIA Expo 2012 proved that there is positive growth in the residential electronics sector with more than 450 exhibitors participating, and over 16,900 attendees from 71 different countries.

Among companies taking full advantage, and successfully test launching several new solutions to the home technology professional were world leaders in optical screen technology, dnp denmark.

Global sales & marketing manager, S°ren Kraemmergaard, was making his fourth visit to CEDIA and noting the consistently high footfall on the dnp booth, he had no hesitation in describing it as "the best ever" for his company.

"We received a lot of serious interest from reps, dealers and integrators who were not only focused on home theatre but also equipping sports bars and even big commercial venues."

But the reason for Kraemmergaard's optimism was the reaction to the new Supernova Blade, which was showcased for the first time on the company's 50 sq.m booth. This new product prototype is being test marketed over a three months trial period in the States with the possibility of going global. "The response was so overwhelming that I am certain this is the course we will take," he declared.

Among other products demonstrated by the company were an enhanced 23:23 high gain screen material - which created a new benchmark in realism - and new wired suspended Supernova Flex - which with its silent motor appeared like a floating image. "The old version was of the gear shift type, but this new motor gives a much smoother and quieter 3m drop," says dnp's global sales & marketing head.

dnp also acquired additional traction from its close co-operation with projector company DPI (Digital Projection). Showing several Supernova Infinity displays, they generated a lot of traffic to the dnp booth as they had at InfoComm 2012 earlier in the year, which had led to major Supernova Infinity sales to Buddhist temples.

But the buzz at CEDIA was the impact of the new 4K (4096 x 2160) platform, with the higher frame rate, in respect of operating in high ambient conditions.

"We noted that a lot of screen manufacturers are stating compliance with 4K projectors by attempting to come up with better screen material. But the main difference with dnp is that we have an optical screen which enables us to control the light through the lens structure rather than attempting to find a better screen solution for high ambient light."

(Jim Evans)

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