Symetrix announces 322 DSP processor software upgrade

Friday, 31 May 2002
Symetrix announces 322 DSP processor software upgrade
Symetrix has announced a new software upgrade for the popular 322 DSP engine, the latest generation hardware component in its Audio Workplace line and a "breakthrough in cost-effective technology". The 322 is a two-input, two-output, 24-bit multi-function DSP processor for engineered sound applications. The new software upgrade version 1.02 includes side-screen scrollbars for use with smaller (1024 x 768 or less resolution) monitors.

The software, in general drives the unit, providing real-time control via a Windows 98/2000 environment. "The 322 is loaded with all the audio processing and routing modules that system designers have been asking us for," says Jim Latimer, director of sales. "The 322 is particularly well suited to systems that are too small to warrant the use of larger multi-I/O platforms."

Unlike most compact DSP systems, the 322 offers a completely user-configurable signal path for the ultimate in flexibility. With a user-friendly Windows-based control application, installers "drag and drop" processing blocks in the audio signal path to create custom setups for a variety of sound system applications. Symetrix loaded the 322 with all the processing blocks a system designer needs including two to eight-band parametric equalizers, high-pass, low-pass and shelving filters, a crossover, a mixer, a gate, speaker alignment delay, bus routing, and amulti-band compressor/limiter. Symetrix also included a pink noise generator for testing and sound masking applications.

The 322 houses a 24-bit Motorola DSP and transparent 24-bit A/D and D/A converters. Its front panel display features system status LEDs to indicate selected preset, clipping, signal presence, bypass, communications, and power. Audio Workplace control data streams through a front panel RS-232 port, leaving the 322's chassis tamper-proof. Euroblock terminal strips provide rear panel audio signal I/O connections. Additional connections include two remote pot inputs (which can control volume or up to four internal, user-selectable parameters), contact closures for remote preset selection, and an RS-485 port for control of multiple units. Users can daisy chain up to sixteen Symetrix 322s using their RS-485 ports. Non-volatile FLASH RAM stores all presets, preventing data loss during power loss or brownouts.

(Lee Baldock)

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