Tannoy debuts VSX Series at InfoComm

Friday, 15 June 2012
Tannoy debuts VSX Series at InfoCommThe new VSX Series line of subwoofer devices
USA - Tannoy revealed at InfoComm its new VSX Series line of subwoofer devices. Developed to augment the recently launched VX Series and VXP Series line of full-range sound reinforcement loudspeakers, the new VSX Series initially comprises of five passive enclosures, with powered versions promised to follow later in the year.

Developed from the ground up, VSX Series is precision engineered to deliver high impact, low and ultra-low frequency reinforcement in a compact format. Powerful and versatile performers in either installed sound or portable/live PA applications, VSX Series is suitable for providing high definition, extended low-end response for Tannoy's wide range of installation loudspeaker systems, says the company.

The new range comprises of five passive models - three of which are band-pass configuration: VSX 8.2BP, VSX 10BP and VSX 12.2BP and two direct-radiating devices: VSX 15DR and VSX 18DR. All models feature a compact volume and footprint relative to their driver complement and performance capabilities, with each one optimised for maximum efficiency. This makes VSX Series well suited for applications where deep and powerful bass output has to be packed into dimensionally tight spaces.

Additionally, VSX Series heralds the introduction of Tannoy's EMT (Excursion Management Technology) on the VSX 8.2BP, VSX 10BP and VSX 12.2BP, which optimises tonal balance and harmonic output through precisely engineered enclosure geometry and innovative transducer design; delivering well-defined low frequency reinforcement at high sound pressure levels, with extremely low distortion and power compression, while maintaining a uniform frequency response throughout the device's dynamic range.

Tannoy will be supporting the launch of the new range with the introduction of a new software tool to facilitate the design of cardioid, steered and end-fire subwoofer arrays using its range of subwoofers - including the new VSX models. This will be made available to download for free from the Tannoy website.

(Jim Evans)

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