Tarm lasers highlight Wolfsburg spectacular

Thursday, 11 October 2012
Tarm lasers highlight Wolfsburg spectacularThe world´s largest, mobile, water-show was part of the automobile theme park´s summer festival
Germany - This year's water-shows at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg which attracted an audience of 235.000, set a new attendence record. For the first time, they were held in the harbour basin, with the historic Volkswagen power plant as backdrop.

The laser effects for the series of events were provided by tarm Showlaser GmbH.

The world's largest, mobile, water-show, consisting of water, flame, laser, and light effects, were part of the automobile theme park's summer festival.

From 28 July through 26 August 2012, visitors to the Autostadt were treated to a tour of Bella Italia. The high points of the summer festival were the daily, multimedia water-shows held after sundown in the harbor basin across from the Volkswagen power plant.

Underscored by a background of classical Italian music, the Autostadt presented a composition of water, flame, laser, and light effects and video displays perfectly synchronized to the music on three waterscreens and a 630sq.m LED-screen on the 7,000sq.m grounds.

tarm Showlaser GmbH installed four, monochrome, laser systems on the power plant's top floor, ten, high-power, full-colour, laser systems on the wharf, and a pair of high-power, full-colour, laser systems housed in director's containers for projecting laser graphics on the power plant's facades.

Due to the huge quantities of water that descended on all equipment installed on the wharf, tarm Showlaser's team built suitable, waterproof housings for the laser systems. Altogether, set up, including on-site rehearsals, took just seven days.

(Jim Evans)

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