Telenorba studios add Coemar LEDs

Friday, 13 May 2011
Telenorba studios add Coemar LEDsThe Telenorba TV studios lit by Coemar
Italy - Telenorba, the Puglia group specialist in TV, cinema and multimedia productions, has recently renewed its lighting manifest, and one of its choices was Coemar - on the express wish of technical director Dino D'Alessandro.

"High performance levels together with energy savings, reduced conditioning costs and lower maintenance costs are all possible nowadays thanks to the use of LEDs," says D'Alessandro. "And when you choose a company like Coemaryou are sure that your lighting will be a fantastic show in itself."

The studio walls are lit by 24 StageLite LED SC and 20 StageLite LED Sc devices with 50° optics. Ten RazorLite LED devices, consisting of 36 LEDs with RGB colour mixing system and elliptical optic, complete the wall lighting. The presenters are lit up with the aid of 10 ParLite LED Natural White 4000K devices, 10 Wash LEDs and five PinLite LEDs.

(Jim Evans)

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