Tinie Tempah's busy summer with Chaos

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

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UK - A recent string of high profile appearances has seen Tinie Tempah at some of the most prominent music events of the summer, along with Chaos Visuals. "Tinie Tempah's creative director Willo Perron presented us with the initial concept in late May. Perron is an outstanding conceptualist; this was to be something very special, kicking off with the BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend," explained Alex Leinster, Chaos Visual's MD. "Willo's idea was bold but fitted perfectly with such stage events where we see many artists pass through in short order. From our perspective the core of Willo's staging concept for Tinie was a series of wheel mounted columns between two and four metres tall, all clad in LED video."

Leinster appointed Andy Tonks to the project for Chaos: "Antony Randall, Tinie's show producer consulted with myself and Alex and led the realisation of Willo's design. Between us we took Perron's design concept of rolling video columns and clad them with Barco Mi-Trix. The columns needed to be mobile to enable them to be rapidly deployed onto a festival stage. Our regular engineering partner KP Martin quickly engineered the basic column structures; we selected Mi-Trix because they are a tried and tested product, and extremely tolerant of the kind of jarring they would be likely to experience as they were wheeled on and around stage. Tinie's production manager Mark Brightmen was insistent the columns should have the same construction standards as something intended for a twelve month world tour."

Robust dependability proved the crucial factor; demand for Tempah is high, besides Hackney he has appeared at Isle of Wight festival, T in the Park, and Phoenix in Dublin. "And his festival tour continues," added Tonks, "with him playing both venues of the V Festivals as well as Mallorca and Ibiza Rocks in August. The fact the columns survived the deluge of the Isle of Wight was something to witness. Visually they populate Tinie's stage with video in a way that breaks convention; they create a very audience friendly platform for Tinie's energetic and engaging urban performance style."

(Claire Beeson)

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