TMB ProPlex network in lead Olympic role

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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UK - Billions of people worldwide watched the 2012 London Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, where producer Danny Boyle masterfully deployed mystical elements of the gods - light, colour, and fire - in a celebration of British culture and history, depicted using a huge rig featuring all the latest in entertainment technology from around the world.

The prodigious system of LEDs, lasers, lighting, projection, audio, motion control and pyrotechnics was flawlessly controlled and synchronised over a stadium-wide network using more than eight kilometres of fibre optic cable. A significant element of the network was a system of ProPlex GBS.

"There is no greater AV event in the world than the Olympics," says Fred Morgenstern, product manager at Neutrik USA. "Every four years, Neutrik supports the games with tens of thousands of our connectors. We were delighted when TMB chose our opticalCON fibre optic connector system for its line of ProPlex Devices signal distribution products. And we're honoured that opticalCON has been specified for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games."

Morgenetern adds, "TMB's ProPlex line of fibre optic products is a perfect pair for opticalCON. Both ProPlex and opticalCON have been engineered to succeed in the rough-and-ready world of live A/V. Whether on tour, on set, or at the Olympics, ProPlex and opticalCON prove their worth every day in front of thousands, millions, and even billions of people at a time. TMB's decision to standardize on opticalCON QUAD multimode cabling is a great step forward for the market. A universal cabling specification allows interoperability of equipment of all kinds and eliminates any confusion in the field."

(Jim Evans)

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