ToughGaff allows quick loading and release

Wednesday, 13 March 2013
ToughGaff allows quick loading and releaseToughGlove provides an easier solution
UK - ToughGaff is a gaffer and camera tape holder that sits solidly on the worker's belt and allows him quick loading & release of the tape with one hand quick motion. ToughGaff is available in two sizes: 1"& 2", both suitable for up to 60YD roll. ToughGaff is made from High Quality Materials which ensures a long lasting, durable product.

Instead of using conventional clip for attaching the gloves to the belt, which requires both hands, and longer time, ToughGlove provides an easier solution.

With super strong magnets, the gloves will stay in place all day long, attached to any belt up to 2" wide, or to the ToughGaff. In addition, ToughGlove enables taking out only one glove if needed, leaving the other in place. An option which is not possible with most glove clips today.

If working near a camera, magnets can be easily removed from the gloves by a Velcro attachment, and allow working with the gloves free of magnets. In that case, an additional glove clip can be added.

In addition, ToughGaff is now marketing a new belt which is a simple, strong and durable nylon Velcro belt, adjustable to all sizes.

(Jim Evans)

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