Turbosound at Music On The Hill

Wednesday, 21 September 2011
Turbosound at Music On The HillOver 3,000 people watched Katherine Jenkins perform with Wynne Evans
UK - Over 9,000 people attended the first ever Music On The Hill festival on the weekend of 24-26 June at Kings Hill in Kent. Despite rain, over 3,000 people watched Katherine Jenkins perform with Wynne Evans on Friday, followed by the biggest crowd on Saturday for McFly and the Sugababes. Family Sunday was a great success, with performances from Stacey Solomon, Björn Again, ABC, Ben Mills and others entertaining the crowds, with hosting by Capital FM's Dave Berry.

Another outing in what has turned into a busy summer season for UK rental company Subfrantic, Music on the Hill presented some challenges in terms of less than perfect weather and some tight audio restrictions, but the company's Flex Array coped well and pleased the organisers with perfect coverage and excellent sound quality.

In what is now a favoured system configuration for the company, Subfrantic's Steve Davies designed the PA with two hangs of 12 Flex Array TFA-600H cabinets and six Aspect TA-890L double 15" low frequency cabinets working in a five-way setup, with double 18" TSW-218 subs taking care of sub-bass frequencies.

Sixteen TFM-450s made up the floor monitor system, with two stacks of Floodlight in use as side-fills, four TQ-445 three-ways as lip and in-fills, and a double 15" TQ-425 as drum sub.

The system was modelled - becoming increasingly useful in being able to demonstrate to the Council the predicted coverage to reassure them of the lack of spill into nearby residential areas - with EASE software back at base. Furthermore the entire system was networked over BVNet and remotely controlled using TurboDrive. Turbosound T-series amps provided all the amplification.

Davies reports that the clients were extremely happy with the result. "The audio restrictions were unusually tight, but we were successful in keeping within the limits at all times," he says. "The system all rigged very easily, thanks to Turbosound's over-engineered flying systems which made the process very straightforward. Overall Flex Array provides us with a great balance of sound quality, compact size, coverage and useable volume."

(Jim Evans)

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