UK Trade & Investment - new identity for trade support

Thursday, 30 October 2003
UK - UK Trade & Investment has become the new single identity for the UK Government's business support organization, British Trade International, and its operating arms Trade Partners UK and Invest.UK.

The aim of UK Trade & Investment is to help UK companies build their international business and to encourage foreign direct investment. With teams based in 200 markets around the world, and a regional network that provides local knowledge right across the country, UK Trade & Investment is able to provide specialist advice and tailored programmes to help UK exporters and inward investors achieve business success in the global market.

This new identity reflects the increasingly close relationship between trade and investment work within the organisation and its continuing commitment to provide an integrated service - delivering business opportunities through a global network.

Sir Stephen Brown, Chief Executive of UK Trade & Investment, said: "Our new identity signifies our commitment to deliver business opportunities through our global network. It underpins the closer relationship between trade and inward investment work in our posts overseas and in the UK regional network, allowing us to reach more customers with wider services."

(Lee Baldock)

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