Friday, 1 July 2011 establishedMany leading trussing and rigging brands are represented on
UK - is a new online portal dedicated to supplying a wide variety of used and new trussing solutions to the entertainment industry. The new site is co-ordinated by A.C. Entertainment Technologies

Available through are quantities of new, as new, ex-demo, ex-installation, ex-rental, ex-tradeshow and second hand truss sections and associated accessories, including corner blocks and connection sets, plus a selection of other rigging equipment.

Many leading trussing and rigging brands are represented on, including Litec, Prolyte, Slick, Thomas, TFL and Trilite. In addition to the diverse selection of trussing available, visitors can also find Lodestar electric chain hoists, motor controllers and rigging equipment - basically anything that is needed to get a truss floating in the air.

Despite items being sold at heavily discounted prices off the standard list prices, many items are nearly new and - unlike a brokering service - are held in stock for dispatch often the same day from A.C Rigging's distribution hubs in Leeds, says the company.

The site is designed for "super-quick navigation" and to be easy, logical and straightforward to use, with all the information needed right there within a click, and a streamlined system for orders, which can be processed and delivered extremely efficiently over the phone by the dedicated Rigging sales team.

All listings are linked directly to a live computer system, to ensure that it is always up-to-date. Immediately as an item is sold, it is removed from the list. There are also constant updates containing special offers, new prices and brands. There is also a contact form that can be completed to register interest in a particular item or series of items or product lines, which will be followed up immediately.

(Jim Evans)

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