Viper arrives at White Light

Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Viper arrives at White LightThe Viper Profile spotlight offers a 10-44 degree zoom
UK - Viper, the new high-performance moving light from Martin Professional, has arrived at entertainment lighting specialist White Light, and is available for hire.

Designed around a new 1000-watt HID source, the Mac Viper's light output exceeds many 1200-watt lighting fixtures, with Viper both more compact and faster moving than those higher-wattage fixtures while also using less energy.

The Viper Profile spotlight offers a 10-44 degree zoom, two 5-position indexing/rotating gobo wheels, an effect wheel, CMY colour mixing plus a CTO correction wheel, eight slot colour wheel, iris, strobe, four-facet prism and soft frost. Viper also features a 140mm front lens, giving great "fat beam" looks when the fixture is viewed front-on.

"We think the Viper is a great light," says Dave Isherwood, White Light's hire and technical director. "Its output is a dramatic step up from the many 700W fixtures around, and it is much more practical than the MAC III for those who don't need that ultimate brightness. Viper is a great alternative to all of the 1200W fixtures; you forget how long many of those have been around now, and the Viper is a more modern, more energy efficient alternative."

(Jim Evans)

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