VPT stages sustainable lighting symposium

Monday, 6 December 2010
VPT stages sustainable lighting symposiumThe Sustainability on stage symposium is being held in Zwolle today (photo: Ari Kievit)
The Netherlands - Results of sustainability research over the course of recent months commissioned by the Dutch Association for Stage Technology (VPT - De Vereniging voor Podiumtechnologie) have shown that, in some applications, LED lamps with white light have an efficiency seven times that of conventional fittings.

Research showed as well that audience appreciation of a dance performance did not change with the use of sustainable or conventional fittings. A group of renowned theatre technicians, lighting designers, directors and stage designers headed the research.

The results of the research programme will be revealed today during the symposium VPT has organised, called Sustainability on stage! in Zwolle. There, all possible ways of making work in the cultural world more sustainable will be considered say the organisers.

In the spring of 2011, together with suppliers of stage fittings, VPT will be organising eight sessions of educational guidance in theatre courses, focusing on expertise with sustainable lighting. The Dutch Province of Overijssel will be subsidising four of these educational sessions for theatre students in Overijssel.

(Jim Evans)

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