Wavelength opts for Martin Audio W8C

Friday, 15 July 2005
Wavelength opts for Martin Audio W8CThe Martin W8C system in use on one of Wavelenth's regular radio roadshows.
UK - Wavelength Stage and Events in the Midlands has filled its work diary through to the end of 2005, which the company says is a direct result of the acquisition of a new Martin Audio Wavefront W8C system: despite adding four stacks of the compact W8C system to a substantial existing inventory of Martin Audio Blackline, Wavelength says it is still sub-hiring Martin Audio cabinets to cope with demand.

Wavelength was set up by Glen Brazil, whose career as a local radio presenter gave him a insight into the business of live radio station events. Originally, Wavelength's business was the supply of staging services, with audio requirements being met through sub-contractors. In January 2005, the decision was taken to supply PA systems directly and sound engineer Dave Abbott joined the company. "I've been using Martin Audio's W8C system for years as a freelance, and have always been very happy with it," says Abbott. "Its greatest strength is the clarity and tightness of the bottom end; frankly, every time I switch it on, a big smile spreads across my face."

Although Wavelength has amassed a big stock of Blackline Series speakers from Martin Audio, mainly used for conference work, the system didn't quite have the kick for the bigger live music events. "Last year, we were doing roadshows for local radio that attracted more than 10,000 people so it made sense to buy a more powerful system. By staying with Martin Audio, we could take advantage of the network of users such as Capital Sound and Intasound in Worcestershire which can support us on the larger events."

Purchased through LMC Birmingham, the compact W8C and WSX stacks are also proving popular with Wavelength's regular client, the 20/20 cricket series, which prefers to use a single big speaker stack.

(Lee Baldock)

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