White Light & Arcola launch noiseless HyLight

Tuesday, 8 June 2010
White Light & Arcola launch noiseless HyLightHyLight150 featuring fuel cell technology now available through White Light
UK - White Light and Arcola Energy have announced the launch of HyLight, a new portable lighting and power supply that offers the ability to run lighting in locations away from the electrical grid silently and without the emissions of traditional noisy, polluting diesel generators.

Externally the first model, HyLight150, is a compact, wheeled flight-case, rugged for transportation and easy to deploy where required. Internally, it contains the new Hymera hydrogen fuel cell generator and two new lightweight hydrogen gas cylinders, both from global industrial gas supplier BOC; a choice of low energy LED lighting systems suitable for architectural, live event or safety applications completes the system.

White Light's HyLight150 packages will include either four Pulsar ChromaFlood fixtures, with wireless DMX remote control if required - suitable for creating stunning outdoor lighting - or alternatively single colour worklight floods, suitable for providing lighting to car parks or other work areas. HyLight will provide many hours of safe, low-voltage power in such setups, the package rated at 30 hours at 100W with a 150W maximum load, and with the run-time directly proportional to load, in marked contrast to diesel generators.

Also unlike those generators, HyLight is silent in operation, and its only waste output is a tiny amount of water - making the system appropriate for areas where noise or exhaust fumes are issues, particularly lighting projects in gardens, environmentally sensitive areas, or even indoors. As well as low-voltage power to the lighting fixtures, HyLight150 offers a 240V outlet to power ancillary equipment, if required.

"This is one of the most exciting projects we have ever been involved with," comments White Light's technical director, Dave Isherwood, "a fantastic collaboration with Arcola Energy, BOC and fuel-cell manufacturer Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies to bring some very advanced fuel cell technology into 'our' world of entertainment lighting. We hope the result of our work is that users shouldn't care about the technology - they should just turn on HyLight, plug in some lights and enjoy silent, clean, reliable power."

"HyLight is a continuation of the fantastic collaboration the Arcola Theatre and Arcola Energy have enjoyed with White Light over the last few years," comments Dr Ben Todd of Arcola Energy, "and of a recent research and development project we undertook with the support of the Technology Strategy Board and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Their support allowed us to innovate rapidly together, taking lessons we have learnt with running low-energy lighting from the 5kW fuel cell we have at the Arcola Theatre and combining that experience with the latest hydrogen and fuel cell technology from BOC and Horizon Fuel Cell to create a small, portable package that offers lower total cost of ownership than diesel generators - and many other practical benefits as well."

"We don't expect our customers to necessarily care about the history or technology of the hydrogen fuel cell," comments Bryan Raven, White Light's managing director. "What we do expect is that they will care greatly that they can have a lighting system that is clean, silent and portable, perfect for lighting events in gardens, parks or the remote, hostile but unspoilt locations featured in projects such as Northumberland Lights.

"HyLight perfectly complements the range of low-energy LED lighting equipment that we have introduced over the last few years, and the work we have been doing to encourage sustainability in lighting and event production. We think and hope that those who create lighting outdoors are going to be as excited about it as we are."

HyLight150 is available now for hire or sale from White Light. HyLight will also be on show on the Ecovenue stand at the ABTT Show, and the PLASA Show in London this September.

(Jim Evans)

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