White Light offers Coemar warranty

Tuesday, 24 April 2012
White Light offers Coemar warrantyThe new warranty term covers all of Coemar's products
UK - White Light and Coemar have announced that, with immediate effect, all new Coemar products will be supplied in the UK with a two-year warranty at no additional charge.

The new warranty term covers all of Coemar's products, including the Infinity Mrange, which can take either discharge or tungsten lamps, and the Reflection range of spot and wash LED fixtures.

"Coemar makes a wide range of products, offering fantastic output as well as remarkable versatility," comments Peter Threadgold, White Light's sales director. "We hope that these new two-year warranties will provide everyone - rental companies and end users alike - with one more reason to buy into Coemar. The capabilities of Coemar products speak for themselves. The warranty should just provide re-assurance that they will continue to perform night after night, show after show."

"In the UK, we know we are targeting demanding buyers who seek innovative products and who undoubtedly create future trends," says Filippo Frigeri, Coemar's UK sales manager. "Our aim is to reinforce the link between Coemar and its UK customers and to make them fully aware of the potential of the products we have on offer, which have been enriched in 2012 with new entertainment and architectural lighting solutions."

(Jim Evans)

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