White Light supplies The Sounds Euro tour

Tuesday, 6 March 2012
White Light supplies The Sounds Euro tourThe Sounds on the road (photo: James McKenzie)
Europe - Entertainment lighting specialist White Light supplied the lighting equipment to Swedish indie rock band The Sounds' European tour. Lighting designer Jack Davis was provided with his choice of equipment including the award-winning Martin MAC Aura LED fixture, Martin Atomic strobes and an MA Lighting GrandMA2 Light console.

The MAC Aura, with its dual optical system formed the centrepiece of a compact, versatile rig. "I was trying to utilise a small amount of lights to achieve big looks," Davis explains. "The Auras more than met that goal - honestly, I never want to use another LED mover again.

"The size of the Auras and the punch they pack really made all of the difference. I have yet to find another LED fixture that creates such an impressive white. The pixelated look, once common to LEDs, is gone. With the Aura being two lights in one it gives the ability to create really cool effects that you can't achieve with most LED movers. Our FOH sound man looked up during one sound check and thought there were little balls of hot lava on stage!"

Davis was also full of praise for the control system. "The grandMA2 Light is the console for years to come. Its bit mapping for LEDs and CMY fixtures really creates some video type effects without needing a media server. I've been using the console for three years now, and have really fallen out of touch with other consoles: I'll use the GrandMA whenever the budget will allow."

(Jim Evans)

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