XL Video Pixled screens for JLS

Friday, 13 April 2012
XL Video Pixled screens for JLSJLS on the road again
UK - XL Video's concert touring division continues a busy spring by supplying Pixled F-11 LED screens and processing equipment to chart-topping, award winning and massively popular UK boyband, JLS.

XL is supplying the equipment to show producers Production North as part of the video package for the band's latest sold-out UK arena tour.

Co-ordinating the tour's video are Production North's Luke and Tom Levitt. XL Video's account handler is Jo Beirne with technical requirements handled by James Morden.

Says Luke Levitt, "We have worked with XL video for a long time - they are the biggest rental company specialising in live music video and are still the best. The technical support is second to none, and all the kit all came out of the warehouse in excellent condition as you would expect, all delivered to production rehearsals perfectly labelled and addressed."

The playback visuals were conceived by JLS show director Beth Honan, and create dynamic digital scenery, backdrops and narrative references for the performance which is split into four 'dimensions' of dramatic space and time.

They are fed onto three triangular screens onstage. The central one is made up from 228 panels of Pixled F-11 and this is flanked by two smaller triangles, together comprising another 230 panels, so nearly 460 panels in total.

Lighting company HSL is supplying custom trusses that make up the triangular frames onto which the Pixled modules are clamped, which is still a time-consuming and technically challenging task involving some great interdepartmental teamwork between video, lighting and the four set carpenters.

The Pixled F-11 was specified by Honan and Production North's Steve Levitt, who worked on the tour's technical pre-production elements. The playback visuals were commissioned by Honan and produced by Blink TV under the supervision of Helen Haig.

In addition to the three Pixled screens, there are two side projection screens for IMAG, each fed by a Christie Roadster projector either front or back projected depending on the venue.

The IMAG mix directed by Luke Levitt is also output to the triangles at strategic points in the show.

(Jim Evans)

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