Zero 88 to launch Diablo at SIB

Monday, 8 March 2004
Zero 88 to launch Diablo at SIBThe Diablo from Zero 88.
UK / Italy - UK manufacturer Zero 88 will be launching its latest lighting console, the Diablo, at the forthcoming SIB show in Rimini. The Diablo is a new, cost-effective and flexible lighting controller suitable for controlling moving lights and generics. It is one of the easiest lighting controllers to program and operate and is aimed at users wanting a small, powerful console, say the company. Unlike many small controllers, it is not simply for club or DJ use: the Diablo can be used in a range of venues from small theatres, to schools, TV or clubs.

"During the ongoing development of the Frog range we had lots of feedback from users wanting the intuitive philosophy and ease of use of the Frogs, but in a simpler and smaller package," explains Zero's Graham Eales. "The Diablo is a powerful little desk, which will bring sophisticated moving light control to a host of smaller venues."

An LCD screen is at the heart of the Diablo. Soft keys offer simple and intuitive navigation of the various operating modes, whether you are setting the desk up, assigning fixtures, patching or playing back shows. To aid in programming the Diablo comes with an effects engine that allows for shape generation and colour and beam effects. The Diablo provides the facility to control up to 18 moving lights as well as 18 generic channels.

The console has a comprehensive library of fixture personalities that can be loaded into the console from a PC using a USB port. It is also possible to write fixture types directly to the console and up to 18 different fixture personalities can be stored on the Diablo at any one time. Regular updates to this library will be downloadable from the Zero 88 website.

Key features include built-in effects engine; 12 playback stacks each with 250 steps; 108 submasters; control of 18 generic channels; control of up to 18 fixtures; four DMX auxiliary keys; page chase/ripple functions and fixture library.

Zero 88 will be exhibiting at Rimini with Italian distributors EtaBeta and Cosmolight.

(Lee Baldock)

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