chamsysChamSys moves into new headquarters
Thursday, 22 August 2019

UK - Lighting console manufacturer ChamSys is opening new headquarters in Southampton’s Brooklands Courtyard.
The facility features a multi-line manufacturing centre, which will enable the company to build its MagicQ Stadium and MagicQ Compact consoles simultaneously. Also inside are storage and dispatch warehousing area, R&D facilities, service department and customer training area along with a dedicated repair centre, two training rooms, and a pre-visualisation suite for visiting programmers.
Chamsys, which is celebrating 15 years in business this year, is officially opening the new HQ with an event on 2 September - contact the company on for details on how to attend.
“The new headquarters reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards as we grow,” comments Chris Kennedy, managing director of ChamSys. “We’re extremely happy with how our new facility will enable us to accelerate our product development whilst maintaining our high product quality and software excellence. ChamSys is committed to providing the best value and service to the customer.”
(Jim Evans)

pamuseumfront-viewProjection Artworks stages Poland: First to Fight
Thursday, 22 August 2019

Poland - Projection Artworks has completed Poland: First to Fight, an ambitious outdoor live immersive experience to mark the 80th anniversary of World War II at Museum 1939, Gdansk.
The Projection Artworks team scripted, storyboarded, choreographed and produced Poland: First to Fight in collaboration with Museum 1939. The Museum’s dynamic external architecture is transformed into a skyline canvas, creating a 20-minute live sensory experience that integrates archive footage, animation, projection mapping, live action, music performance, narration and sound effects to tell the heroic story of Poland’s journey through the war. An interpretive dance is woven through the show, with dancers and actors interacting with the projection, choreographed by dance and theatre artist Rhiannon Faith.
Museum 1939’s façades are manipulated using 3D mapping illusions, with their surfaces becoming flexible parts of the show. Other surfaces are also projection-mapped, creating slow-animated bas-reliefs to fuse the physical with the digital.
Notch, the real-time VFX engine, was used to enhance the pre-rendered show and extend the creative tools available to Projection Artworks. This was achieved through image magnification of the live camera feeds of actors on stage, by treating them with stylised effects such as double exposure to filmic grain & camera reel effects to match the historic archive footage.
Creative director Gavin McArthur comments, “World War II represents a significant era in Poland’s history and it was of the utmost importanc

laladygaga1Lady Gaga at the double in Vegas with L-ISA
Thursday, 22 August 2019

USA - At the turn of the year, Lady Gaga kicked off two multi-year Las Vegas residencies at Park Theatre at Park MGM, both of which are presented in L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology from L-Acoustics.
Lady Gaga’s first show, Enigma, which has now completed 18 sold-out performances is a nonstop, eye-popping spectacle taking its 5,200 audience members on a full-throttle, futuristic odyssey through two hours of her club classics.
Her second show, Jazz & Piano, is a glitzy return to classic Las Vegas style with the artist accompanied by a full big band complete with string section. Alternating between stripped down solo piano and vocal arrangements of her pop numbers and swinging orchestral versions of Great American Songbook staples.
Although the two productions could hardly be more different in terms of design and execution, the sound technology remains the same, underscoring the ability of L-ISA to enhance all types of music.
The L-ISA configuration is made up of K Series long throw enclosures. Three central arrays each comprised of 12 K2 are flanked by two 13-enclosure Kara arrays on each side, while outfill arrays of 12 K2 are positioned between each of the two Kara hangs to address the far left and right seating sections. The proscenium rig is rounded out by a dozen KS28 subs centrally flown in two cardioid hangs of six enclosures and bolstered by a linear horizontal arrangement of 10 SB28 located under the stage lip.
Front-fill is delivered by a dozen X8 and two X12 short throw enclosures, with a special side

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Claypaky XTYLOS
XTYLOS is the first Beam Moving Light powered by a laser light source (10,000 hours, patent application filed). This laser source, lasting for 10,000 hours, is enclosed in a reliable, safe and fully sealed module and it is the powerful engine of an incredible array of colours.
roeCreative Technology adds Sapphire platform
Thursday, 22 August 2019

USA - Creative Technology has selected the ROE Visual Sapphire platform to expand its rental inventories with a NNP LED system. After a thorough selection process, the Sapphire platform was chosen as the best performing product.
CT has invested considerably in the Sapphire platform with 1,5mm LED panels. Using the latest 1in4 Mini LED technology, the visual performance is unmatched. The native 4K panels, with 16:9 measurements will be running on the new MVT processing platform by Megapixel.
“As soon as we noticed a rising market demand for NNP displays, we have been interested on adding this to our rental inventory”, states Graham Andrews, CEO of Creative Technology Group. “We always try to offer our customers the best and latest technologies available. However, applying an NNP LED system for rental purposes has proven to be challenging for many LED manufacturers. If we were to invest in such a system, we had to be able to offer a 100% guarantee of a flawless performance.”
(Jim Evans)

codaCoda ViRAY passes Latin test
Thursday, 22 August 2019

Italy - The Milan Latin Festival is a 10-week celebration of Latin American artists. They converge on the external area of the Assago Forum in Milan for 66 days of celebration from mid-June to mid-August, to deliver a varied programme of concerts to enthusiastic crowds. Artists such as the king of Reggaeton, Daddy Yankee and fellow Puerto Rican, Ozuna, lit up the stage for sold-out shows.
At outdoor events such as this, where the hazards of dispersion are more pronounced, the true qualities of an audio system are laid bare and event technology provider Suono e Luci, chose Coda Audio to ensure that every artist performing during the two-month duration of the festival was heard loud and clear.
Claudio Saoncella, head of audio at Suono e Luci, customers of Coda Audio’s Italian distributor Decima 1948, opted for a ViRAY solution configured in Bi-Amp. The system was installed into the festival’s 1500sq.m outdoor area, which contained seating for more than 6,500. Reliability and precision were key to the task, given the duration of the event and the huge variety of acts to be presented.
For the main PA Suono e Luci installed 15 ViRAY (Bi-Amp) per side with three ViRAY per side for delay. Front-fill was delivered by four HOPS8 and side-fill by six TiRAY, 2 TiLOW and two SCV-F subs. Eight SCP-F subs arrayed across the front of the stage completed the system.
Front of house engineer for the festival William Geroli reports, “the system has a very good response across all the frequencies and the Dual Diaphragm coaxial wave driver and coupler technolo

corner-brace-hd-playMilos Corner Brace HD on video
Thursday, 22 August 2019

Europe - Area Four Industries have continued to promote various trussing products through its video channel, dedicating the latest one to the Milos Corner Brace HD.
This piece of kit has been designed to add full support for small- to medium-sized roofs and eliminate the need for guy wires.
In the video, available here, Area Four Industries’ technical director Norbert Tripp discusses the design, features and advantages of the Corner Brace HD. Designed for use with standard two-way and three-way 90° corners, it eliminates the need for guy wires by ensuring stabilisation, reducing ballast requirements, providing more access to the stage, and requiring less time to install.
(Jim Evans)

kevin-rieckcensoredMGG invests in Braceworks
Thursday, 22 August 2019

South Africa - MGG is the first rental technical company in South Africa to invest in Braceworks, an add-on module for Vectorworks Spotlight, which helps ensure safety and compliance and is an easy way to assess a temporary structure under load.
Gone are the days when a truck would arrive on-site and the technician would quickly chat to the client and only then decide where the stage and gear would be positioned. “Now everything is so well planned, right to the point of where the motors need to go,” explains Kevin Rieck, head of drafting at MGG. “Everyone can see what the final product is going to look like before the truck is even loaded, but with events getting bigger, we had to ensure safety first and this is where Braceworks comes in.”
MGG recently took ownership of Braceworks, purchased from DWR Distribution, and have used it on shows such as Miss SA, Classics is Groot a corporate event for Sasol. “We received Braceworks just in time for Miss South Africa 2019, and it helped me to come up with solutions and made the process immensely easy,” says Riek, who is typically given the stage, lighting and gear design that he puts together into one drawing. “Miss South Africa incorporated thin LED walls, which were placed very high up in the rig. The weight was in a central spot and we used four one tones just to pick it up.”
With heavy equipment, such as LED panels, suspended above people, safety has to be a priority. “Because of the way weight can be distributed, there is a lot of tension on the motors. Braceworks shows you when a m

belarusHog consoles guide Belarus ceremonies
Thursday, 22 August 2019

Belarus - Thousands of lighting fixtures and LED devices supported the Bright Year, Bright You theme of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2019 Second European Games earlier this summer. Dinamo National Stadium in Minsk, Belarus was aglow with the glittering pageantry, and a network of High End Systems Hog lighting consoles controlled it all.
The main lighting control system was comprised of two Hog 4-18 flagship consoles plus two Full Boar 4 consoles, all networked in a multi-programmer setup, outputting data via five DMX Processor 8000 units. A near identical backup system was also on standby.
The physical set featured eight stages. In addition to the more than 1,000 moving head fixtures, Hog consoles controlled all the LED pieces, including the set decorations, the interactive audience bracelets and pixel tubes. Because of the massive amount of pixel mapping required, Hog connected with the Madrix LED control as the interface to trigger the LED devices.
The ceremonies captivated the crowds and worldwide broadcast audience with the story of Belarus - from folklore to the future. Lighting designer Evgeniy Toma of the Sechenov agency and Russian company Art City 5 were in charge of the production, whose planning spanned more than a year.
For this large-scale stadium event, the LD insisted on using the Hog line of consoles. As a longtime Hog user, Toma wanted a flexible, powerful and reliable control system plus the speed of programming he counts on for this complex show.
Russian distributor SiM, together with ETC’s local

taskforceTaskforce brings music to dementia care
Thursday, 22 August 2019

UK - Music for Dementia 2020 and Live Music Now have launched a new Musical Care taskforce with the aim to make music an essential element of dementia care.
The taskforce, which brings together more than 60 leading representatives from across the music, dementia, health and social care sectors, will look at ways to bring music to people living with dementia who are not able to access music otherwise.
A wide body of research has demonstrated significant benefits of music for people living with dementia, including reducing anxiety, depression and agitation, providing an alternative channel of communication and connecting people with those around them through shared musical moments.
Music for Dementia 2020 is a campaign to make music available for everyone living with dementia by the end of 2020. To create this taskforce, Music for Dementia 2020 has partnered with Live Music Now, a UK-wide charity that delivers interactive music programmes in care homes, hospitals and a range of community and healthcare settings.
Grace Meadows, programme director at Music for Dementia 2020 and a senior music therapist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, says: “This is an exciting opportunity to grow and enhance the excellent work already happening in many care settings across the UK. Through the taskforce we aim to significantly accelerate and expand the understanding of the benefits of weaving music through the care that is provided to people living with dementia. We believe having a strong network in place will help achieve this and as an outcome see more ca

fitztantrum2Chauvet lights Fitz and the Tantrums
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

USA - Six-piece band Fitz and the Tantrums are currently touring with Young the Giant. Lighting design is by Jeremy Lechterman and his team at FragmentNine.
Working with co-designer Jackson Gallagher from FragmentNine, and associate designer Mike Hankowksy from Hemlock Design & Technology, Lechterman uses a collection of 28 Chauvet Professional COLORado Solo Batten fixtures supplied by LMG.
The bright RGBAW linear fixtures are arranged in two layers of semi circles behind the band and in vertical stacks between video panels. From these positions, they backlight the performers, separating them from the upstage area. This seems to bring the band closer to the audience. At the same time, the straightforward geometric configuration of the bright, colourful battens draws the crowd’s attention to the stage bringing them closer to the band.
“Our client’s music spans the gamut of many genres. However, if you look at the branding and the visual language that accompanies their digital presences, it’s all grounded in these simple neon hand drawn shapes,” says Lechterman. “We dug into that aesthetic quite a bit during the design process. This is reflected in the video content, and in the way we used the COLORado Solo Battens.”
Drawing on the intensity of the batten fixtures and their seamless end-to-end colour mixing, the FragmentNine design team has them create old school neon looks, evoking an engaging sense of intimacy on stage. “The battens are used like super bright neon, backlighting the artists, and projecting fun colours and

gilded-balloonWhite Light returns to Gilded Balloon
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

UK - White Light has returned to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it is supplying the lighting and rigging equipment for all of the Gilded Balloon venues for the sixth year running.
WL’s customer service key account manager Dan Last comments: “We work closely with Gilded Balloon across their five buildings: Teviot (nine spaces), The Museum (auditorium space), Old Tolbooth Market (three spaces), Rose Theatre (three spaces) and the newly-acquired Patter Hoose (five spaces). Our role is to supply the lighting and rigging solutions in each of these, ensuring that they are well-equipped and able to host a range of performances throughout the Festival.”
Prior to the Fringe, Last and the WL team work closely with Gilded Balloon to decide on the equipment that will be used in each space. “We initially work with Karen and Katy Koren who each run Gilded Balloon, which is one of the only ‘Big Four’ producers who are Scottish based and operated,” says Last. “As we move closer to the festival, we then liaise with production manager Meredith Rehburg and technical manager Simon Cook to finalise the specific technical requirements.”
This year saw the Gilded Balloon take on a new venue - Patter Hoose. Unlike the other spaces which were utilised at previous festivals, the producers had to create the technical set-up completely from scratch. Last explains: “With Patter Hoose, we were asked to go up in January to see the space, which at that time was essentially four blank rooms and one lecture theatre. We were shown round the different spaces

emanuel--mijaresphoto-by-carlos-alvar2Elation lights Emmanuel & Mijares
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Mexico - Emmanuel and Mijares, two leading figures in Latin pop, are delighting audiences across Mexico, Central America and the US by performing their popular ballads and pop songs beneath a large rig of Elation Professional fixtures, with lighting design by Hector Valencia and Axel Rebollo.
The Mexican singers’ career that spans over 35 years with millions of records sold and multiple national and international accolades to their credit. As friends, they joined together to create a show of their all-time greatest hits, Two’r Amigos, a performance that has now been touring for almost six years, breaking several attendance records along the way.
The show has been evolving since 2013 with musical arrangements and set lists changing, as well as the stage, video and lighting design. The show has been re-designed four times and this year returned to Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, with a completely new look. Having played at the venue more than 50 times over the years, most of them sold out, it was no surprise that the duo captivated the audience, with more than 10,000 fans singing along to their favourite ballads.
“We decided to include Elation fixtures due to the wide range of products they offer and the service provided by the company,” comments Axel Rebollo. “The output, colour and gobos of Elation moving heads have become my favourites for the show.”
The rig consists of a variety of fixture types including 40 Platinum FLX hybrid moving heads, 24 ACL 360 Matrix LED moving head panels, 18 Protron 3K Color strobes, 20 SixB

vari-liteVari-Lite debuts ‘cost-effective’ event fixtures
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

USA - Vari-Lite has announced the VL800 Series of fixed and moving head LED fixtures. These cost-effective event fixtures bring a feature set specifically for mid-sized tours, productions, and entertainment lighting installations.
“Our goal with the VL800 Series was to introduce event fixtures that have been built with the DNA of Vari-Lite,” says Martin Palmer, senior product manager, Vari-Lite and Strand Luminaires at Signify. “This means that the fixtures look, move, and feel the way you would expect from us, but with a cost and feature set that fits installations and smaller rental applications. Our customers trust the Vari-Lite brand and the pre- and post-sale support behind it, and we’re committed to delivering on that promise.”
The new VL800 Series includes three new fixtures which have been designed to work together. The fixtures have been colour-matched so they are visually consistent, and the user experience and DMX mapping are consistent as well. This allows lighting designers and programmers to easily use multiple fixtures together in a single application.
Vari-Lite VL800 Propar is an advanced, high output LED event PAR fixture that includes a quiet running motorised zoom. The fixture offers full RGBW colour mixing and has gel-matched colour presets to deliver the same visual results customers are accustomed to, with multi-mode fan control for use in quiet environments.
Vari-Lite VL800 Eventpar is an LED retro-style event PAR perfect for a modern replacement of classic tungsten PAR fixtures. Designed to bring back the vi

psco-absenAbsen and PSCo celebrate five-year partnership
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

UK - AV distributor PSCo and LED manufacturer Absen will be marking the fifth anniversary of their distribution partnership during the official opening of Innovation House, PSCo’s new, 50,000sq.ft purpose-built premises in Bracknell.
The partnership, dating back to 2014, has given UK customers access to the latest Absen LED displays, with a dedicated local service centre and in-house technical support for both rental and fixed installations. Within five years, PSCo - part of the Midwich Group - has become the top Value Added Distributor (VAD) in Absen’s European partner network.
To celebrate the opening, PSCo is hosting Innovation House Party, a free event for rental partners that on 20 - 22 August from 10am - 4pm at Innovation House, Segro Park, in Bracknell.
“We’re very excited to enter into a fifth year with PSCo as our exclusive distributor in the UK,” says Absen Europe’s head of brand and marketing, Alex Couzins. “Our LED sales here have grown year-on-year since 2014 and that wouldn’t have been possible without PSCo helping our channel partners to get such easy access to Absen products locally. PSCo were also the first partner in Europe to offer our now highly popular ACE training programme, helping customers get the most out of their LED deployments. The new Innovation House which has a dedicated showroom and fully functioning training rooms, provides the perfect base for delivering more technical trai

standonAdamson answers the call for Standon
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

UK - Showcasing the latest and greatest music, Hertfordshire festival Standon Calling was the biggest yet, welcoming a record 15,000 people.
This year’s headliners across the three-day July festival included Nile Rodgers & CHIC, and Rag’n’Bone Man. Other acts included Friendly Fires, Echo & The Bunnymen, Róisín Murphy, IDLES, Lewis Capaldi, Mahalia, Kate Nash, The Big Moon, Steam Down, The Japanese House, Band Of Skulls, The Joy Formidable and Sea Girls.
The festival hosts a range of acts across multiple stages. Adamson’s UK distributor The Warehouse Sound Services designed an Adamson sound reinforcement system for the festival’s main stage.
The system consisted of a full complement of Adamson E15 line array loudspeakers and E119 Subwoofers with additional ground-stacked S10 line array loudspeakers on the sides, all powered by Lab Gruppen PLM 20K44 amplifiers running Lake Processing.
Front-fill was covered with new Adamson Milan ready CS7p point source loudspeakers. Systems engineer Aidan Thomson from The Warehouse created the system design and provided support as systems engineer.
Thomson comments: “The bar is high in terms of what people expect sonically at festivals, the Adamson systems are truly scalability and we received some favourable comments from several visiting engineers who really enjoyed using the system on the main stage.”
(Jim Evans)

blues-in-the-night-5446GLP sets the mood for Blues in the Night
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

UK - The Olivier and Tony award-nominated Blues In The Night has undergone its first revival in 30 years at London’s Kiln Theatre.
Running until 7 September, and originally conceived by Sheldon Epps, Robert Jones’ hotel-based set design, steeped in Chicago 1930’s depression, is brought to life by eminent lighting designer, Neil Austin, with the aid of purpose-selected LED tools from GLP, with whom he has collaborated frequently in the past.
It was Austin who had initially suggested the more theatre-friendly variant of GLP’s popular X4 Bars, proposing an RGBY batten that would deliver warmer tones, which is now available as a custom option in the GLP catalogue. Austin himself has been using quantities of these fixtures on an internationally renowned production currently being produced around the globe.
It had been Rob Jones who was responsible for getting the Tony and Olivier Award-winning LD involved in this latest production. “We had been trying to work together for the last 17 years, and when he called up about Blues In The Night, the fact that this was the first real juke box music compilation from a great era of songs was the clincher, as was the chance to work with [the show’s star] Sharon D Clarke. It’s fragmented imaging of the late 30s in a run-down hotel, with three women and a man, all interacting, and telling their stories. It’s a lovely set of songs and a lovely set too.”
But the Kiln Theatre (previously the Tricycle) is a small theatre, and although it was substantially refurbished during its metam

active-bluedbtechnologiesActive Blue invests in Vio
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Germany - Active Blue, a Bremen-based service provider for lighting, sound and event technology, recently acquired several components of the Vio system, dBTechnologies' most powerful PA system.
The Bremen-based company is using equipment from the Italian PA manufacturer dBTechnologies for the first time. The purchase includes 20 VIO L212, 20 S218 SUB and 20 L208 modules.
Active Blue has been in operation for 30 years and since and is active Europe-wide. The company is increasingly active with corporate events and conferences, concerts, parties or cultural events. The aim of purchasing Vio components was to expand the stock of large PA systems and to respond even more flexibly to customer wishes. All equipment has to meet the highest standards. After extensive market research, they decided to take a closer look at the Vio system at the dBTechnologies stand during Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.
"The discussions with the dBTechnologies team and the information we could gather at the show were compelling," says Andreas Beer, managing director of Active Blue. "dBTechnologies has done a tremendous job here and offers a wide range of features that are not available from competitors. The rigging and handling of the system are very simple, the networking of all modules with each other is smooth, the automatic recognition of the elements present in the system and of course the integrated RDNet are further, very useful features.”
The new components have already been used for several events, including the 850th-anniversary city festival of Melle, the Su

rob-beamerRob Beamer joins Ambersphere
Wednesday, 21 August 2019

UK - Ambersphere Solutions has announced that Rob Beamer has joined the company as key account manager. Based in Liverpool, he will be representing the Ambersphere portfolio in the North of England.
Beamer has worked in theatre for 14 years before moving into sales 11 years ago, working for Stage Electrics and Sound Technology. He will make his Ambersphere exhibition debut at the upcoming PLASA Show (15-17 September, London Olympia).
“This is a new role created for Rob and will allow us to offer our northern clients a more attentive and personalised service,” says sales director Philip Norfolk. “Rob is professional, knowledgeable, calm and friendly, precisely what our clients appreciate. The whole Ambersphere team is delighted to have someone as exceptionally capable and good fun to join us”.
“I am really excited to have joined Ambersphere. It’s such a perfect fit for me,” Beamer comments. “Ambersphere is a service orientated lighting company who only offer the best products.”
(Jim Evans)

ald-awardsforexcellence-logoALD launches Awards for Excellence
Tuesday, 20 August 2019

UK - The ALD has launched the ALD Awards for Excellence, a scheme aimed at students and recent graduates that replaces the annual Michael Northern Awards.
The ALD says the new format “better reflects” the association’s growing representation and introduces a restructured prize fund, with three categories instead of four.
Rory Beaton, head of the ALD’s Working Group for Awards, comments: “The awards have grown in stature and, like most things, need a firm foundation from which to grow further. With the consolidation of naming and prize structure, The ALD Awards for Excellence have a strong and flexible framework to shape them for the future.”
The awards are now open for submissions to current students studying in the UK, recent graduates (2017-present), or to corresponding affiliate members of the ALD. The deadline is set for midnight on 31 October and the winners will be announced during the ALD’s annual Lighting Lunch in December.
The categories are as follows:
The Michael Northen Award for Excellence in Lighting Design (sponsored by the Mousetrap Foundation) - £500 cash prize, a 512 ETCnomad package, a six-month mentoring scheme with a team of industry professionals to run alongside the initial stage of their career, a copy of Michael Northen’s book, Northen Lights.
The Fred Foster Award for Excellence in Production Electrics (sponsored by ETC) - £500 cash prize, a 512 ETCnomad package, a on

milanL-Acoustics K impresses in Piazza Duomo
Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Italy - Each summer since 2013, Milan’s Teatro alla Scala has transformed Piazza Duomo, the Italian city’s central square, into an open-air concert hall where the Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala give a free classical performance for residents and tourists.
An L-Acoustics K Series system was supplied by Italy’s premier rental company, Agorà, which has provided audio and lighting to this event since it first started.
Under the baton of maestro Riccardo Chailly, this year’s set list included Dvořák’s Symphony from the New World No. 9 in E minor and works from Italian composer, pianist and conductor Nino Rota, best known for his Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti film scores. With 25,000 concert goers packing the 17,000m2 piazza and the evening broadcast live on RAI 5 in HD, Front of House engineer Fabio Venturi was tasked with designing a system that would deliver even coverage across the entire space and provide an audio experience on par with the beauty of the music and the setting.
“I am generally aware of the plan for the concert around a year in advance, as the orchestra has a very long-term planned schedule,” says Venturi. “I work together with Agorà’s system engineer, Daniele Tramontani, who is an authority in Italy in this field and has a huge amount of experience with orchestras projects. We usually start planning the system in March and the Filarmonica gives me full discretionary power on the audio setup.”
While the Filhamonica grants Venturi full freedom, it was vital that the maestro’s vision for the

maestra-bahrain-is-launchedMaestra Bahrain opens, partners with Ritz-Carlton
Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Bahrain - Event design, technical and scenic production specialist Maestra Group has opened a base in Bahrain and announced a new partnership with the Ritz-Carlton resort and its 43,000sq.ft conference and exhibition facility.
As the resort’s exclusive event partner, Maestra will oversee all technical aspects of the new Arena facility, which offers a full set-up and capacity for large banquet receptions and global conferences.
Maestra’s Tom Clements comments: “We are extremely excited about this new venture and to be involved in such a high profile and incredibly well-designed event space. For Maestra Group, this is a logical expansion of our work in Dubai, and it will also be the first step in some strategic expansion plans for Maestra Group in the Middle East.”
“As Bahrain becomes a global destination for premiere conferences and events in the region, it’s our pleasure to partner with Maestra and unveil a new conference facility complemented with our signature Ritz-Carlton brand service we’re known for globally,” says Bernard de Villèle, general manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. “With modern interiors and high-tech capabilities, The Arena stands to be one of the sought-after venues in the region and a perfect addition to the resorts already existing portfolio.”
The new venue is designed to host all types and styles of gatherings and events, including conferences, trade shows, car launches, seminars, music concerts, exhibitions and more.
Maestra Bahrain will include a core project management and technical team

elum112e03New model joins eLumen8’s MP series
Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Europe - eLumen8 has released a new fixture - the the MP180 LED Fresnel RGBALC, part of the company’s MP series.
With 180W LED source and smooth colour mixing, this luminaire is designed for short to medium throw applications, including use in theatres and studios. It can produce an even field of light thanks to an adjustable 13°- 46° beam angle, while the addition of amber, lime and cyan within the COB LED source makes for “perfect colour on any scene or subject, giving this fixture the edge over Fresnels with only quad-colour LEDs” according to eLumen8.
Andrew Jeffrey, Prolight Concepts Group MD, comments: "Since the inception of this series, the units have proved to be amazingly popular for many applications and this new addition with higher power and six colours will further expand the market for this series."
As with most others in the series, the MP180 Fresnel style fixture benefits from RDM, temperature-controlled fan cooling for quiet operation, and a four-push button display allowing users to select DMX and manual dimming modes along with dimming curves. A filter frame and barn door are included as standard and the fixture comes backed up with the eLumen8 two-year warranty.
(Jim Evans)


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