A Night of Worship with Chauvet DJ
Wednesday, 8 May 2019
nightofworship2A Night of Worship at UFIC Mutare
Zimbabwe - Minister Michael Mehendere recently hosted a Night of Worship at UFIC Mutare, filling the venue with worshippers and beautiful music. Well known throughout Africa, Mehendere has worked with some of the best musicians on the continent, as well as being a senior pastor at the renowned United Family International Church.
For the Night of Worship, it was important the lighting helped transport the audience visually in the same way Mehendere’s gospel-driven music did spiritually. Blessing Bero of Events Evolution was tapped for lighting design, with Tatenda Rushwaya running the board for the show.
Using a mix of Chauvet DJ fixtures, Bero focused on creating warmth for the show through washes and special effects that would fit seamlessly with the inspiring and celebratory theme of the event.
“UFIC Mutare has a good stage, but it is not very large, so it was important to create depth by alternating patterns of shadows and light,” says Bero. “I used eight EVE F-50Z Fresnels, rigged on the balcony of the venue, to wash a warm feel of light for backing vocalists and some band members. The spill of light from that angle worked as side warm wash for the leading vocalists as well. For main FOH lighting, I used six EVE E-100Z spots for all the leading vocals and MCs.”
The flexibility of the EVE fixtures helped the Events Evolution team create varied looks throughout the service. “We like their manual zoom, which was allowed us to create an even field of light while we changed the coverage area,” says Bero. “The crisp edges of the beam were also very good for spotlighting people on the stage.”
A collection of 24 SlimPAR Tri 12 IRC fixtures was used to add colour to the service. Most of these RGB LED washes were hung on upstage and side truss or positioned on totems, while other units were used as truss warmers.
Bero also used eight Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures, along with four Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash units, for specials and aerial effects, adding emotional power to many of the service’s more uplifting songs. “This was a high-energy event, and we wanted to reflect that in light,” says Bero. “That was our goal.”
(Jim Evans)

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