Absen for Stage Effects & Unlimited Events
Wednesday, 21 February 2018
marius-van-rooyen-from-unlimited-events-with-schalk-botha-dwrMarius van Rooyen from Unlimited Events with DWR’s Schalk Botha
South Africa - Rental company owners Theo Papenfus from Stage Effects and Marius van Rooyen from Unlimited Events teamed up to purchase 400 Absen D2V 2.9mm panels from DWR Distribution.
“Our market is here and it was time,” says Theo. “Marius and I decided on a joint venture to bring in many panels of the same batch bearing in mind that quantity is always a big issue for us.”
For the past two years, Theo had his eye on the 3.9mm, a familiar product to the South African market.
“We wanted to go through a reputable company, and chose Absen to enable us to have the service DWR typically provides,” says Marius. “It’s a much better option for us as to know we have support locally. In addition, we are able to tap into the base of existing Absen users in South Africa.”
Duncan Riley of DWR comments: “The DWR workshop is able to do repairs on the 2.9mm. Bruce Riley is really good at balancing LED screens.”
“It was the right timing and the right product at the right price,” said Schalk Botha, Absen sales representative at DWR. “The market is going towards high res, cost-effective and affordable solutions. The Absen 2.9mm is perfectly priced for the perfect solution.”
(Jim Evans)

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