Action Church outfitted with Elation lighting
Wednesday, 5 December 2018
action-church3Action Church in Winter Park, Florida
USA - When fast-growing Action Church in Florida decided to transform an older building into the ministry’s new broadcast location, they chose to dynamically light the space using an Elation Professional intelligent lighting system designed by AVL integration company Crown Design Group (CDG).
Action Church opened the new chapter, its fourth, in Winter Park, Florida, this past fall. As a dedicated broadcast location, the main sermon takes place at the new facility and is then fed live to Action Church’s other locations, one smaller location and two mobile sites that are set up and torn down each weekend that CDG has also outfitted with Elation gear.
“Every Action Church location has live music and a pastor host but this is their first large, non-mobile location,” says CDG co-founder Ben Graham, whose passion is to see churches inspire and grow their congregations through the use of AVL technology. “They required a versatile system that could cover both house and stage lighting and because all locations take a live feed from the Winter Park site, they needed lighting that could easily transition for use in the sermon broadcast.”
Needing a versatile colour-changing house lighting solution for the 1000-seat main room, CDG found it in Elation’s LED downlighting Colour Pendant. “They wanted control of the house lighting to project any colour and to match with the background they have on screens so we use the Colour Pendants to shade the room and bring colour from the stage out into the audience,” says Graham.
For colour wash on stage, CDG turned to Elation’s Fuze Wash Z350 LED wash moving head, a single source PAR luminaire with zoom, along with SixPar 200 LED Par lights that allow for a wide range of colour shades (SixPar 100 units are used in a kids room).
Lined vertically beneath LED screens and risers are Pixel Bar LED strip lights, pixel-controllable bars used for background decorative effects that look great on camera. Cuepix Blinder WW4s, an LED-based white light unit that gives the classic look of a 4-lite blinder at a fraction of the power requirements, are used for low-end colour temperature looks and audience lighting. Graham says the church maintains a competent technical staff and was able to do much of the stage lighting installation themselves.
(Jim Evans)

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