ADJ lights Eindhoven pop-up beach club
Tuesday, 10 November 2020
beach-partyInsight Beach Brabant on the lake
The Netherlands - Throughout the summer and fall, more than 80 of ADJ’s weatherproof moving head beam and LED wash fixtures were used to light a temporary beach club venue in The Netherlands. Insight Beach Brabant offered visitors an opportunity to enjoy drinks, gourmet food and music in a large outdoor setting at a lake-side venue in the heart of the Dutch city of Eindhoven.
With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the cancellation of concerts and festivals, as well as the closure of nightclubs and music venues, opportunities for relaxing and socializing have been rare. Offering a solution to this, Insight Beach was a large pop-up beach club with a limited capacity that assigned guests dedicated day beds to allow for social distancing.
From the comfort and safety of their designated space, visitors could enjoy a full menu from resident chef Pascal Ariëns of Restaurant By Pascal in nearby Oosterhout, drink cocktails from a fully stocked bar and listen to live DJ performances using ‘silent disco’ headphones. On Saturday nights the venue partnered with a variety of Dutch Dance organizations to bring in special guest DJs who delivered an authentic club experience in a COVID-safe way.
Lighting for the venue was supplied and installed by local rental company Trend Productions, a well-established supplier of lighting, audio and visual equipment. The company is used to providing production services for large-scale one-off dance events, so this long-term installation outdoors was an opportunity for owner Adje van Veghel to thoroughly test his inventory of IP65-rated fixtures.
The brief was to enhance the atmosphere of the venue as the sun set each evening as well as to create a nightclub feel with moving beams for the Saturday night events. Adje achieved this by using ADJ fixtures exclusively, which were installed for the duration of the venue’s almost four month run on low-level trussing erected throughout the space.
For wash lighting, Trend Productions supplied 70 of ADJ’s popular 7P HEX IP LED par fixtures.
“At Insight Beach we positioned the 7P HEX IP fixtures underneath the daybeds, to make them glow, and also used them for general wash lighting and to specifically illuminate areas for dancers and live cooking demonstrations,” explains Adje. “They are extremely reliable fixtures that very rarely malfunction, even when left outside all summer long and used every day.”
To provide aerial effects for the Saturday club nights as well as sky-searching beams to attract attention to the venue, Trend also supplied 11 of ADJ’s Hydro Beam X1 IP65-rated moving head beam fixtures.
“At the end of this project it was nice to see the quality of the Hydro Beam X1s,” comments Adje. “They hung outside non-stop for four months, day and night, in pouring rain and the full heat of the summer sun, and not one of the fixtures malfunctioned.”
Insight Beach Brabant provided a much-needed open-air social venue that helped the party people of Eindhoven get through the challenging summer of 2020.

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