Allen & Heath adds updates to GLD range
Tuesday, 2 January 2018
gld-112-chrome-threeqleftGLD has become a popular workhorse digital mixer
UK - Allen & Heath has announced the latest firmware update for its GLD digital mixer range, adding a FX unit as well as microphone presets.
Included in GLD V1.6 is the Dimension Chorus FX unit. Inspired by a classic chorus based on bucket-brigade technology, Dimension Chorus offers varying degrees of density from subtle special effects through to heavier modulation.
Also new to GLD in V1.6 are the company’s ProFactory mic presets created in collaboration with Shure, Sennheiser and Audio Technica. ProFactory mic presets are designed to give engineers a fast track starting point when working with a variety of widely used microphones.
Other enhancements in V1.6 include a post-fade option for the Automatic Mic Mixer and a 50Hz noise on/off switch for the Space Echo FX Unit.
“From touring bands through to corporate AV, GLD has become a hugely popular workhorse digital mixer”, says Ben Morgan, Allen & Heath product manager. “Our latest firmware release brings several features requested by our users. It also adds a new model in the FX arsenal, which was well received on dLive, and the ProFactory mic presets which are particularly useful in volunteer-driven environments.” Users can download the firmware update free of charge.
(Jim Evans)

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