Amate celebrates International Women’s Day
Monday, 8 March 2021
amateaudioNatalia Milan, chief acoustics engineer at Amate Audio
Spain - Amate Audio is marking International Women’s Day, celebrating the ever-increasing number of women working in and performing key roles in entertainment technology. Their increasing presence, a powerful force for improvement in our industry; in manufacturing and supply, on-stage, backstage, behind the scenes, or front-of-house.
In a statement the company says, “On International Women’s Day, we are celebrating the role of women working throughout our industry, alongside the particular achievements and importance of women at Amate Audio. Women fulfil some of the most critical roles in our company – in design engineering, production, marketing and administration. Their talents, skills and creativity are integral to our endeavour.”
Currently women make up 37% of the Amate workforce and hold many key positions. These include the company’s chief acoustics engineer and graphic designer, as well personnel in Assembly and Electronics, Customer Service, Purchasing and Accounting.
“Our HR strategy is not only to continue to increase the proportion of women on our staff, but to increasingly recruit them into high skill positions within the company,” states founder and CEO Juan Amate.

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