Amate Nítid on ice in Cambridge
Thursday, 18 June 2020
amatecambridgeicearenaThe Cambridge Ice Arena
UK - When Amate Audio’s UK distributor Stage Concepts was commissioned by Ice Tech to design, supply and install custom trussing with PA and lighting for its new build Cambridge Ice Arena, it turned to the power and performance of the new Nítid N15 active point source system.
The brief for the €6.3m leisure facility specified a striking appearance and the capability to easily add more lighting, and offer natural positioning for the PA.
Working together closely, Stage Concepts and Amate Audio designed a system offering the minimum of complexity while providing highly consistent sound pressure levels throughout the whole arena.
Six Amate Audio Nítid N15 active point source systems were flown in each of two double layer hex design trusses positioned above the ice. Precise positioning of the N15s, to achieve optimum coverage, was determined using Amate Audio’s EASE Focus acoustic prediction software,.
A two-way system designed with a high performance, wide frequency band 15” woofer and 1.75" polymer diaphragm compression driver, and the N15 features Nítid series’ fully active, integrated bi-amplification and DSP loudspeaker management platform - with 1500 W of power delivering 130 dB continuous SPLs.
The N15 was also selected as being ideal for use in extreme temperatures, and for its ‘when not in use’ remote eco power switching feature.

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