ASTC awards three fellowships
Thursday, 16 April 2020
collage-wJack Hagler, Todd Hensley and R. Duane Wilson
USA - The American Society of Theatre Consultants (ASTC) has announced that at the ‘Online’ Annual Business Meeting, Jack Hagler, Todd Hensley, and R. Duane Wilson were recognised and awarded the title of Fellow of American Society of Theatre Consultants (FASTC.)
Jack Hagler, a theatre consultant for over 25 years, is a partner at Schuler Shook where he manages the Dallas office. An ASTC member since 1994, he has been the ASTC liaison to the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) since 2005. He has given educational presentations to many industry conferences across the United States.
Todd Hensley has been a theatre consultant for over 32 years and an ASTC member since 1998, during which he has served on the Board of Directors and president and is currently active on several committees. Hensley has consulted on over 400 projects with Schuler Shook where he serves as partner in their Chicago office.
R. Duane Wilson has been an ASTC member for 32 years and has served as the secretary-treasurer since 2013 providing an invaluable service to the Society. Wilson is a graduate of Yale School of Drama in Theatre Engineering, and joined theatre consultant pioneer, George C. Izenour in his practice in the mid-eighties and he remains part of the firm.
With only a maximum of three fellowships awarded every two years; only a small percentage of members attain this honour. ASTC was founded in 1983 and currently has 79 full members representing 31 consulting companies in the US and Canada.
Admitted into membership at the same meeting was Clemeth L. Abercrombie, Chicago studio principal of Charcoalblue, having successfully fulfilled the ASTC requirements of capabilities and experience. Two new Associates were also accepted, Jerad Schomer and Jon Sivell, both of Charcoalblue.

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