Astera shines brightly in Cape Town
Thursday, 13 July 2023
astera-peter-lambert-pet191425441Cape Town-based Peter Lambert
South Africa - Peter Lambert owns and runs a busy independent medium-sized camera and lighting system rental company based in Cape Town, whose clients work across a broad spectrum of broadcast and film/recording sectors including music videos, commercials, and streaming events. They also have a healthy cross rental business.
Three years ago, Peter started investing in Astera with the purchase of Titan Tubes, and since then demand continues to outstrip supply resulting in further purchases of Titans and Helios Tubes which have kept flowing steadily and now also include several sets of NYX Bulbs and Hydra Panels.
“I absolutely can’t get enough of the Astera kit,” declared Peter, who started the company in 2016.
The first Astera’s joined in 2020, supplied by South African distributor DWR, and Peter now has 10 sets of the 4ft Titan Tubes and two of the 2ft Helios Tubes - all powered by Astera’s Titan LED engine.
Some of the Titans have been on long term rental, including one that stretched to a year explained Peter citing the “fantastic” return on investment together with the “outstanding support”” from DWR as two major reasons why they are delighted with their choice.
Talking about the fixtures themselves, Peter notes that they are “extremely well thought-out as a rental product,” with all the accessories like clamps, feet, and hanging loops that are invaluable on any set.
He likes the “rental friendly” case along with the quality of the light output, noting the robust build and rain resistance which are vital for survival in the harsh world of rentals and especially in South Africa.
He recalls seeing many excellent examples of his Astera Tubes in action including illumination of the whole of Cape Town’s Foreshore Freeway Bridge for a major car shoot. This incomplete section of highway dates to the 1970s and was once intended to be the Eastern Boulevard in the city bowl. Construction halted in 1977, and since then the landmark has stood unfinished and become a tourist attraction and a popular location for movies and fashion shoots.

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