AsteraApp now available for iOS platform
Thursday, 12 July 2018
asteraThe AsteraApp is an application for professional entertainment lighting control
Germany - Astera LED Technology has announced the official release of its AsteraApp for the iOS platform to public via its social network. The AsteraApp is now available for download for both iOS and Android platform.
The AsteraApp is an application for professional entertainment lighting control and management. It provides professional-level control over Astera-based fixtures by connecting the phone/tablet`s to the AsteraBox via Bluetooth which then relays the command to the battery operated fixtures via radio frequency.
The App allows simple to complex operations without touching the lights such as firmware update, grouping, assigning and configuring DMX addresses as well as controlling colours and effects and monitoring the status of the lights during operation.
Since its first introduction in 2015, the app was available only on Android-based devices and for the first time, it is now available for iOS.
“It took us two years to reprogramme the app so it can be the same now on iOS and Android. As this reprogramming is now done, the users can expect many more new features in the future,” says Simon Canins, technical director at Astera. “Some of the new features are targeted to our customers from the filming business - they put in many suggestions. We want to thank them. And we are listening and implementing them step by step now.”
(Jim Evans)

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